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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. HungryPanda
    TinAudio T2 or Senfer 6in1, built like tanks
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  2. vladstef
    There were quite a few reports of bad build quality with Senfer 6in1, although things might have changed given that first units were built entirely out of plastic.
  3. NymPHONOmaniac
    There a version not made of plastic??? if so, i'm pretty sure it could affect sound too....true that plastic version aren't more durable, as they are make of 3 pieces and writing on them near completly disappear from them, wich make them look quite nasty.
    Soud is still the same tough. No problem with cable connection neither.
  4. Earphone KIng
  5. vladstef
    I've had them for a couple of months. Tried everything I could, blocking vents by a certain amount, a billion of tips, EQ... Pro HD has way too many flaws which can't be corrected to acceptable level let alone be competitive in the budget segment. They are not trash but at this point they are well below average. Also, they have the worst tips I've ever seen and even worse front vent placement (I have no idea how this even got to prototype stage let alone final product), also fitting them for optimal performance is impossible given how sensitive they are to insertion dept. It was an overall frustrating experience with these, the only positive I could find was some sort of clarity in the sound. Imho, your score would probably be justified 5 years ago simply for the price/performance ratio, but things have changed.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  6. Vidal
    9.5 really? They're not awful but not that great either, whilst I agree the ZS6 have a lot going for them from the other review you did, these can't hold a candle to the newer hybrids. As Vladstef says thing have moved on pretty rapidly and these are very much an also ran now.
  7. Slater
    They are built well - I always like that about Xiaomi stuff. And I think they sound better than the 1More Triple. But the fit is odd, forcing a lot of people to swap the right and left channels and wear them behind the ear. They should have made them behind the ear to begin with IMO. It is one of the few IEMs with inline volume controls though, which is always nice.

    I think they're worth $9-$10 nowadays, but for the $20-$25 they normally go for, there are a few dozen better earphones.

    I'd rate them a 7/10.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  8. Earphone KIng
    I agree on the fit, however if you use some other eartips (I'm using the Rock Zircon tips on them) you can fix this. For me the clarity they provide is really good (better than KZ ZS6), however the KZ ZS6 is a lot better on soundstage and low's.

    edit: Well I have to agree that the fit is not as good as other earphones, however in terms of sound think they are really nice.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  9. vladstef
    The bass is just not good, you can try and tape the front vent to a certain percentage but it makes it muddy and slow or lacking in impact. Mids are ok but recessed (case with most budget IEMs), highs are clear but boring and unimpressive in the long run with some harshness. They also tend to show some distortion every once in a while, but interestingly, they don't do so in the bass but in lower mids, something about those 2 DDs. Overall resolution is kinda good, but tonality negates it badly.
  10. s4tch
    cheap hybrids get much better these days than a well built, but unpleasantly harsh sounding iem. the pro version (without hd) is easier to recommend.

    did you give them 9.2 on a 100 point scale?
  11. NymPHONOmaniac
    I like the Xiaomi Pro HD, especially when it can be find under 20$, where his sound can compete for real. Find the a little harsh and unbalanced tough. I read here very mixed impression, and I will not help saying I really like the bass performance of them! But this hissy sound....hum, not to use with bright source for sure!
    I hear this PEAK in a very strange unpleasant way.
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  12. NymPHONOmaniac
    Dude....are you....another dude that get free stuffs to write IEM reviews???? Like, honnestly. Don't want to investigate more about this....just, there an INVASION!

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  13. snip3r77
    You need to close the duct to enhance it.
  14. DBaldock9
    For earbuds with metal housings & MMCX jacks - I have the OurArt Ti7, the Senfer PT15, and the Svara-L (I've got the original 115Ω model).

    The least expensive one is the PT15, and it's also the slimmest housing, which means, that for me - it's the most comfortable fit (I wear the cables over-the-ear).

    This my impression of the three (Note: I've only had the Ti7 since last week):
    Svara-L = More Bass than other two; Less Midrange than other two; Less Treble than other two; $50 - $85 on AliExpress, depending on vendor and bundled cable

    PT15 = Less Bass than Svara-L, but more than Ti7; More Midrange than Svara-L, and slightly less than Ti7; More Treble than Svara-L, and slightly less than Ti7; $9 - $25 on AliExpress, depending on vendor and bundled cable

    Ti7 = Less Bass than the other two; More Midrange than the other two; More Treble than the other two; $59 on AliExpress.

    As with any purchase on AliExpress, it never hurts to contact the vendor before purchasing, to ask whether they are currently offering any discounts. If they ask you to not mention any discount, please comply with their request.
  15. thejoker13
    Yes, I didn't proof read the message and my phone auto corrected it. I'm referring to the senfer ues.
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