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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. Cantrell
    In my many years working with guitars (a much much lower signal level I think) internal wiring, guitar to FX pedals or amp, FX loop cables and much higher output Amp to Cab and internal cab wiring I've had fairly big differences with changing of aspects of cables and solder.

    I'll wait n see what happens with break in on mine and what exp you get listening to those artists for now. If nothing else I'll try buying or building a cable with unplated Copper, Tin Plated Copper or cable mixed of either of those and silver plated Copper to see if it reduces or eliminates the problem if break in and tip rolling doesn't.
  2. HungryPanda
    tin audio T2 are becoming a favourite of mine the other is the the Senfer XBA 6in1
  3. MoshiMoshi
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the T2.
  4. vector84
    Don't mind me, for my personal listening experience I fall into the camp of "I can't hear the differences most of the time", but if you can and it effects your listening experience, more power to you. I just don't think I can be very helpful on what to try in that regards though. :wink:
    So I'm not really catching any sibilance from either of those artists, but I am hearing some of the breathy vocals (from Transviolet especially) as bordering on a bit harsh - well within my comfort zone still personally, but I can see how some might find it objectionable. A quick pass through my collection of tips and larger tips with a slightly smaller bore seem to help reign it in a bit for me, but longer stemmed tips (like KZ starlines) don't really seem to help at all, but I don't really find it particularly objectionable in the first place, so... that could just be me hearing things. :shrug:
  5. snip3r77
    hope you review dm5 soon
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  6. vector84
    Got around to tossing the Veedix NC50s on my completely under-specced, un-calibrated, non-compliant, and tip-less measurement rig (so no, I'm not going to post the data, but)... it seems to generally agree that their tonality wouldn't look all that out of place beside a bunch of recent KZs. To me they sounds like a serious step up in technical capabilities though, but I also feel like I don't have anything else to compare with to quantify that statement in a meaningful way.

    @Cantrell if EQ is an option for you, try pulling down somewhere around 5.5kHz by a few dB
  7. kvzrock
    Glad to have confirmation of legitimacy on those stores, didn't realize how easy it was to receive a legitimate pair back then.
  8. Character
    Hi all would there be someone able to share the best 11.11 link at aliexpress?
  9. archiyo
    has anyone tried the ckr100 from aliexpress?
    I know they are fake, but maybe we have another "ckr" leak happening again at ali
  10. Vidal
    hello friend, is your favorite phone still the Ty Hi-z G3? I'm thinking of buying one. Do you still recommend him? 36$ is a good price to Ty Hi-Z G3?
  12. Vidal
    Time moves on, I still love the G3 but there's a lot of decent new earphones out now which I've scored higher - still love the original G3 design the most though.

    There's a new G3 out, new finish not sure if the sound has been updated.
  13. Vidal
  14. AudioObsession
    Hi @Dsnuts,
    I have purchased the BGVP DM5 (from Penon Audio) mainly due to reading all the amazing things you have had to say about it.
    I haven't received it yet, but it should be here in a few days (I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!)

    Anyway, I had a few questions if you don't mind?
    I have an Ibasso DX50, are you familiar with these? if so, do you think the BGVP DM5 will sound excellent on the DX50?
    The reason I ask about the DX50 is you seem to be very focused on using the DM5 on balanced sources only, and the DX50 isn't balanced.

    I am new to IEMs so the BGVP DM5 will be the nicest (most expensive) IEM I have purchased to date..
    Other then the BGVP DM5, I own the the KZ ZS5 V.2 (I removed one BA from each because they were awful sibilant cannons) and I have a ZS6 coming that I plan to mod as well...
    My question here is: in your opinion does the BGVP DM5 completely destroy the ZS5 & 6?

    Thank you so much for your time. :)

    Also: If anyone else has any opinions on the above questions please feel free to post them as well. (Hopeful hint to @B9Scrambler ):wink:
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
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  15. stryed
    I asked that same question and it seems that the DM5 after isn't a tremendous upgrade for the price as the Kz are very good value. I am now looking for something for a few extra 20-40eu, like the Pioneer SE-CH9T, Pinnacle P2, Toneking nine tails, Moni One, Fiio F9, Magaosi K3 Pro.
    I'm looking for something clear as well as natural sounding, good build, without lacking bass. Like an XE800 with bass , or the Swing IE800 with more detail.

    However, I've now been using wide bore tips (KZ spiral; those blue ones; 6mm large bore) on my kz zs5 v2 and I'm really enjoying the hell out of them as the harshness is gone and soundstage seems slightly wider, making me rethink my need to get something more expensive than I'm used to for 11.11.

    Out of all the tips, I had assumed that the wide bores would just lower bass and never gave them a shot ( until tips kept on getting stuck in my ear for the lack of lips on the nozzle and I went through everything I had). Burn in and getting used to the highs play a little bit, but going back to the small bore tips is just too screeching for me. Give it a shot, they're at least worth the 1-2euros for any other IEM you have.

    Would like your impression on the DM5 as the build and bass are what I'm looking for.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
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