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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Tamirci
    Yes cover blown yeah. I Tamirci am Mahir Efe Falay. Btw Tamirci means Fixer in Turkish. I am a psychotheraphist and I FIX peoples psychologies.
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  2. Slater
    Good Lord, if you’re a psychotheraphist, and you’re as addicted to audiophile stuff as the rest of us, then there is definitely no hope for our obsession lol
  3. mbwilson111
    Don't therapists often have their own therapist?
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  4. FastAndClean
    yes, it is called - alcohol
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  5. snip3r77
    High chance is click accept to start process order
  6. NymPHONOmaniac
    LOL. Have the same toughs...in fact, a more positive one...like: can you help us solve this impulsive-compulsive-obsessive compensation behavior?
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  7. Danfish98
    Quick first impressions of the DT6 Pro...
    Cable is the same, tips are VASTLY better, fit is a little better as I'm able to wear these tip down as designed. Timbre didn't bother me on the DT6, but I think those who complained about timbre before will be pleased. What's not so great is the fact that the original had no sibilance in the treble while the pro does. The amount isn't a deal breaker but it's a definite downgrade from the original. Overall my initial impressions are positive, but not as positive as the original at least for now. The original improved considerably with burn in though so we'll see if the same holds true for the pro.
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  8. Dani157
    Finally got my DT6 Pro! Without further ado here are my impressions after playing with them to my heart's content. I am not a believer in burning in earphones for 100 hrs with white pink or orange noise.

    Fit and Isolation - Fit is snug and using them cable down makes it all the more easy to use. New stock tips provided which are similar to what I got with my BLON's is a major upgrade from the standard version. Thankfully they ditched those hideous red tips! Isolation is decent for indoors. Whilst traveling some ambient noise peeps in but considering they're semi-open back this was expected.

    Accessories - Bare bones. A clip and two sets of replacement tips which is fairly standard in this price bracket. So no complaints here although everyone would like to have an extra set of tips or a pouch thrown in the box.

    Sound - SQ is essentially same as it's predecessor with some refreshing tweaks.

    Treble is sparkling, airy, and has tons of details. No harshness although at times the ssss does standout on certain tracks. I noticed this on standard version as well but it's less frequent in the Pro version. Cymbals do sound thin as well. Highs have nothing to write home about. They could have been refined but it seems like the piezo is high on steroids in Pro version.

    Mids are crisp and clear. Mids have good representation lending a sweet weight to overall musicality of IEM. Female and male both vocals sound equally good with openness. It feels like one is listening to a live performance. This is something which made DT6 a cult and the Pro version certainly is carrying on the legacy.

    Bass is huuuuge and deeep! Sub-bass takes precedence over midbass thus making them sound clean. Midbass bleed is next to non-existent at least to my ears which is a most welcome enhancement. Bassheads - with tips+eq this can make you glee like a kid in candy store. The bass can give BL03 a run for it's money that too with completely stock set-up. It's my favorite part in the sound signature.

    Soundstage is huge similar to it's predecessor and those who loved DT6 soundstage surely won't complain here. Timbre, the FAQ about these iem, is improved visibly but is this enough? IMO, yes. For once, the acoustic instruments don't sound tinny. If I were to compare, the timbre is closest to KB100 which I consider as best sub $50 for a hybrid. It is not as good as KB100 but is in the same ilk. It won't disappoint those who love timbre of hybrids and those who love DD timbre (myself included) it is something that I can live with.

    Comparison with DT6 - A huge improvement over the standard version at a fraction of cost. Better timbre, bass and equally good soundstage make them a worthy successor. At $25, it's great option for those who don't own DT6 and those who own, should find this a substantial upgrade. Purchasing them is a personal call and my recommendation should not influence that.

    That's all folks! Happy listening.
  9. DynamicEars

    Great impression, better timbre and bigger sub bass than mid bass is all that i need. Is the timbre passable (ok only), good, or great?
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  10. Dani157
    It's okay if you like DD timbre. It's good if you had complaints with DT6 timbre. That's how I'll sum it up.
  11. ShakyJake
    It's called a spouse...

    My wife is a psychologist and she has all kinds of technical terms for my headphone (uhm) "collection". :)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  12. chinmie
    strange.. my wife don't say much.. but every time new package arrive, she just look at me, sigh, and shake her head slowly :dt880smile:
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  13. Rodrigo
    How are sub bass and bass compared to blon-03? I wanted a flat sound like tin t2, but not anemic in the bass.
  14. Dani157
    Sub-bass digs deep and you'd enjoy the bass if you like BLON's bass. BLON's have prominent mid-bass whereas DT6 Pro have well defined mid-bass. I'm expecting my T2 in next 2-3 weeks so can't compare with them as of now but DT6 is fairly neutral to me with good bass extension.
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  15. Viajero
    Nice write up! It's great to see that you and Danfish98 had similar impressions of the DT6 Pro as my initial impressions I shared the other day. Now that I've had time to really listen to them and do some tip rolling I can definitely say that I like them better than the regular DT6. I settled on using Sony hybrid tips on the Pro (just as I've been using on the regular DT6), since with the stock wide bore tips the treble was a little too sibilant for me at times. It sounds very smooth, though, with the Sony hybrids. Having the same tips on both models also allowed me to compare them like for like more accurately. Overall they sound somewhat more warm, natural and inviting. I prefer their sound and fit over the original model. In fact, I think these are now my favorite IEMs in the under $50 price range.

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