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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. SomeEntityThing
    I use the Walnut V2 as a cheap amp with my DT6 and it sounds good to me (connected to my Shanling m0)! The highs are indeed brought out and have more sparkle but not to the point of sibilance, to my ears.
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  2. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    That is true, I don't think I'd spend more than this on a portable audio player, but sound quality wise it has been worth it. The DT6 is insanely less expensive than that, but sounds fantastic for the price.
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  3. maxxevv
    These came in over the last 2 weeks.

    The NX7's are pretty much OOTB. Its got fairly good separation and sub-bass. Round sounding sound stage. But the mids seem to be not so well damped. Sibilance seems to creep in as volume goes up from moderate listening levels. Will need some addition burn time to see if it settles down somewhat but I'm not keeping my hopes too high on that.

    The Burson Play Mate is a review set.

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  4. KipNix
    I run my gear through an FX Audio DAC-X6 while at my desk. It has the connections I want in case I want to use speakers. It works well with all the sets I have.
  5. Slater
    Dang, after how awesome their steampunk copper earphone was, I had very high hopes. Especially given that the new one is $135 list and $100 on sale. That’s a huuuuuge jump in price, which sounds like it’s totally unjustified.

    Oh well, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea!
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  6. Nimweth
    +1 for the Steampunk copper IEM
  7. Slater
    I had a chance to briefly listen to my SHE7000, and mine are excellent. The channels are matched very well, and I think I actually like them a little better than the MH755. The cable is Cracker Jack quality though.

    Ah, makes sense.

    Given those ‘codes’ (/10 for EU and /27 or /28 for US), it appears that the aluminum one was originally intended for EU only, and the cheap looking all plastic one was intended for the US only).

    It does appear that Philips was blurring the lines and selling the /10 in the US, because it was listed on the Philips USA website:


    My guess is that as the Philips audio division was struggling and sliding towards bankruptcy, they threw the region specific model scheme out the window and tried to liquidate any and all remaining stock by selling it anywhere and everywhere they could. That’s also probably how it ended up in places like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, etc.

    Since I like the sound of my SHE7000, I’ll likely pick up one of the aluminum ones to see if there was any difference with tuning etc.

    I like their overall design and sound, but I have a feeling the shape is a little too funnel/cone-like. This might be the reason why they worked their way loose out of my ears fairly easy. I am going to give my ears and the tips and good cleaning, and give it another go though. Maybe I can get them to maintain a better seal the second time around...
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  8. mbwilson111
    Unless maybe his were out of phase...
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  9. Slater
    Yes, very good point. It could be an isolated QC issue. We’ll just have to wait for more NEX602 impressions to roll in...

    And there’s always hope that the NEX202 is good. It’s price is also much more in line with what I’d expect from a Revonext earphone.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  10. mbwilson111
    I don't want it anyway. I have so many good iems...and even better buds.
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  11. Dani157
    Has anyone tried ED9 filters on Semkarch CNT1? They use filters similar to LZ A5 which is compatible with ED9 filters. If any impressions available it'll be helpful.
  12. harry501501
    I tried them again today after a night's sleep and giving them 18 hours of burn in. I even tried them with SpinFits and foams and wide bores and no change. Pretty disappointing at how poor they sound actually, even worse when you condier this should have been their flagship. I've compared them with the ones you've mentioned and it's kind of a similar signature but instead of improving upon it they've gone backwards trying to extend the treble and balance out the bass to a more audiophile level... but failed in both. There's nobody that i can think of, even treble heads that will let the horrible sibilance pass imo. Even build isn't as good as the other one.
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  13. harry501501
    Before i purchased the nex602 i asked revonext thru Amazon how the sound improved over predecessors to justify new price point.

    Here's what they said, "hi, thanks for your message and we appreciate your continuous support! I have to say the sound of NEX 602 and 202 are great and focus on more details based on our analysis and tests. I can not say that the sound is greatly improved since sound quality is always good and different IEM just has different features and focus and sound also very related to your devices and the style of music etc...NEX602 has good bass with very detailed performance in both mids and treble while NEX202 is cheaper and good but not that detailed like 602 since their structures/drivers...The workmanship is greatly improved for both NEX202 and 602...you can see the upgraded plug tooling and there is also memory foam/carrying case in 602...That pure CNC metal housing is so excellently built and I do not mind you compare it with a 1000 USD IEM...THANKS again"

    Here's my reply now I've had them, "i'm sorry to say this, but the 602 is NOTHING like you've described, in fact they're really poor sounding and nowhere near the £100 price point. You're competing against a LOT of good earphones at this point and the 602 doesn't stand up. The sibilance is appalling. It actually hurts listening to it. i gave the NEX602 18 hours burn in hoping the sibilance would be tamed, tried Spinfits, foams, wide bores and nothing. Same with different sources. All similar.

    Mids are recessed and very dry sounding. Vocals sound hidden and like they're in a vacuum.

    Treble is very bright which is fine as many other audiophile earphones go for that higher level of extension, but like the mids they sound dry and unconvincing. Detail is there but you can't get round the piercing quality of some instruments and vocals. It's just SO sharp.

    Soundstage is narrow and as I've mentioned there is a vacuum like sound which sucks the air out of the space in between instruments.

    Build and fit are decent, but they're VERY light. Maybe that's just the material you've used but I'd be scared they'd break with stress, especially when this is mentioned in your description on the sale page (where they say)... "The balanced armature driver belongs to high precision units, the collision of earphones is easy to cause changes in sound, please use it carefully". Not many earphones try sell their units by saying be careful they might break easy". But sadly when i hold them i feel how fragile they are so guess you might be right..

    Compared to your own QT5 you've gone backwards I'm afraid. That is better built and even thought the sound has similarities, it's clear you've tried to tame the big bass and thin the sound out a bit for detail, especially treble. The RX8S sounds more audiophile than the 602. The huge price difference baffles me? I guess this is down to materials used and not how they've been tuned to sound.

    I'm really sorry to be so brutally honest, but i'm let down as you're earlier models are so good. I was expecting flagship sound. How you can mentioned $1000 is unclear to me? You're up against so many good hybrids from BGVP, KZ, Tini Hifi, TFZ, BQEYZ, Senfer, and many many more... if you want to compete at the higher price points then you must do better with your tuning.

    Sadly will be returning the nex602".
  14. mbwilson111
    Did you do a phase test?
  15. paulindss
    Have you checked if they are out of phase?

    It coub be it, based on your description.
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