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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. mbwilson111
    I miss Vidal.

    Today I ordered these because they are an excellent deal and they have had good reviews. Mine have already shipped.

    A search will take you to some reviews and impressions. I ordered mine because of @toddy0191 's recent comments.


    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  2. Dani157
    They are on my checklist too. Will probably snap them up after payday. Will be great comparison for my Tennmak Trio. At $30 they're absolutely worth the punt imo
  3. harry501501
    So out of the box the Revonext NEX-602..... wait for it... wait for it... SOUNDS AWFUL. Sibilance is piercing. Soundstage is narrow and underwhelming. Lead vocals sound like they're hidden in a box, which sits in a vacuum. I can only hope this thing does well with burn-in. My recent experience testing a new CCA C10 with one burnt in for many hours is the only hope for this thing sounding good.

    Build wise i didn't expect it to be so light... if i hadn't read the product info I'd have first thought it was plastic. I was expecting something like the TFZ Ex 5 in weight and feel. Very thin material, even moreso compared to their earlier model I can't mention... the one that's built like a tank and might have a ba+dd inside it (which also sounds much better).


    EDIT : I should add that i haven't experimented with any tip apart from the ones that came on them.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    Whoever said they bought a pair of Tennmak Trio Eareads for $28. can you post your link? I can't find them on Ali.
  5. Dani157
    Visit their official Store. Drop them a line saying you want only earhead. They will ask you to write in order message "$28 for Trio earhead" and then don't pay. They will adjust the price. Better you have a chat with Tony from Tennmak. He is very supportive and might give you a good deal if you decide to purchase anything else from Tennmak.

    This is what he sent me as a message -

    thanks for your inquiry . it's ok .
    the TRIO ear head price is $28
    you can place order as below process :
    1. you place order and select " other payment method " ,
    2. you leave message --$28 for TRIO ear head
    3. you don't pay the money
    4. we revise the price to $28--for TRIO ear head only
    5. you pay
    6. we post to you immediately

    hope all is clear for you .
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  6. DocHoliday
    The plastics are durable but very cheap. I've never had QC issues in the sound department with the dozen or so Philips I've owned.


    Still have an SHE3590 and even an SHE3580 that have given me zero problems since 2010.

    Can't really comment on the aluminum vs plastic bits but if memory serves me correctly the last two digits are regions (i.e. - SHE3590/10 is Europe/UK and SHE3590/28 or /27 is U.S.)

    How do you rate the Philips eartips? They rank fairly high for my ears.

    Following up on the SHE7050 chatter, Otto sent me his FR graph on the Sony MH755 vs the Philips SHE7050 (his 7055 is the mic'd version).

    Sony MH755 PHILIPS SHE7050.jpg

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
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  7. michaelv
    Off topic.
    I've bought DT6, CCA C16, a few KZ and the CNT1.
    I'm not asking about them. I am curious what DACs/Amps are you using to drive them.
    If you have a link for discussion like this one for cheap dacs I would much appreciate it.
    I'm currently using the Sabaj Da2 to drive these and some times that through a SMSL T2 headphone amp (Russian tubes)
    The blue tubes attract a lot of attention on my office desk :laughing:

    Thanks a lot!
  8. baskingshark
    I personally use a Tempotec Sonata HD or Fiio A3 for all my KZs and DT6. IMHO most of the KZs don't need amping and are perfectly drivable from a smartphone. But definitely amps and DACs will improve the sound.
    On the other hand, I personally feel the DT6 requires amping due to the piezo treble drivers. The treble sounds flat and less bright without amps. DT6 specifications are apparently 32Ω with a sensitivity of 110dB/mw, and on paper it looks like a phone can drive it, but it won't be doing justice to the treble range without some juice.
    I don't have the CCAs and CNT1 so maybe others can give their advise.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  9. michaelv
    Thanks I'm aware of the DT6 requirements. I'm just wondering what you guys think are the best dacs and/or amps. Obviously it doesn't make sense to get a $1000 dac for a $20-80 IEM. :D
    The Sabaj Da2 can easily drive the DT6. I was wondering what you guys are using to get the best sound.
    The Da2 is a hit/miss with some android phones..
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  10. archdawg
    Almost hit the limit of my credit card this month, big ouch, and with the remaining couple €urons I bought the Moondrop Crescent and these guys ... the IEM version of the Music Maker / Toneking Tomahawk MrZ with MMCX connectors.


    There are quite a few very positive reviews on the earbud version out there; can't wait to fire those puppies up. BTW, does anyone else here have them already?
  11. DynamicEars
    I own the Toneking Tomahawk earbuds in the past but sold them long time ago, but they are clear and nice. looking forward to how the iem sounds..
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  12. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    I'm using my FiiOX7II with the new AM3D THX AAA amplifier module (balanced output) and it sounds fantastic. Main earphone DT6, others: CCA C16, KZ ZS7, KZ AS10, CCA C10. The AM3D module also works with the FiiO Q5(s) DAC/AMP.
  13. HungryPanda
    My daps are Fiio X5III, iBasso DX200 (amp 8), Zishan DSD Pro and Lotoo Paw 5000 MK2. I don't really need an amp as they all drive my earbuds and iems fine. I also have a LG V30+ and that is very good
  14. michaelv
    Hungry Panda and LamerDeluxe
    whew.. expensive equipment. Thanks for the info. Maybe its time I spent a bit more money on the DAC :)
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