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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. gourab1995
    Might want to try that, a cable change on my tin t2 made them less thin sounding/ fuller.

    Sadly my dt6 broke when i paired them up the black-white trn 8 core and tried removing them. Pulled out the entire insides while doing it. The trn cable is so bad. Tried it on with tin t2 once, did not try putting it back on.
  2. TechnoidFR
    I just receive the BLON BL-03
    Very good first impression ! Great clean and deep bass. Warm mid and slightly dark treble. They have good attack, good speed and large scene. They seem relatively balanced. It remember me the yinyoo ny-06 more balanced. They are not aggressive

    The bad point is the tips which are very bad and don't stay in my ears

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  3. NymPHONOmaniac
    did you have NiceHCK ep10 to compare to?? I feel they might sound similar. Just a strange feeling touhg.
  4. TechnoidFR
    I'll see that tomorrow but I had this reflexion this morning

    I try to use them work TRN bt20 but forget this... The design is not compatible and they don't enter in the ear.
  5. theresanarc
    Is it possible to get any noise-cancelling IEMs under say $50 that will do the job on a bus (blocking lower frequencies)? None of the passively isolating IEMs I've tried seem to do the job on the bus.
  6. Dcell7
    Try to search for Xiaomi ANC headphones. They have an IEM which does active noise cancelling. They should be below $50 depending on where you buy them from.

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  7. jibberish
    Went on aliexpress to snag a cheap mmcx cable and some cases, saw the price of the Semkarch CNT1, perused the comments on it in this thread, and welp I have a new pair of IEMs on the way :)
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  8. SomeEntityThing
    I wonder if the CNT1's filters work with the Monoprice MP80's body :0
  9. BadReligionPunk
    I think you will be pleased. At the clearout prices atleast its not a huge gamble. Just remember brass nozzle/bass and black nozzle/treble.

    I believe they are not compatible. DMG and LZ nozzles are compatible though.
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  10. martiniCZ
    I can't say DT6 is bad. The lows are good, mids and vocals great and highs are well detailed. But I personally sometimes don't like them. A lot of people here praise their soundstage, but for me it is a little odd. I must agree with you that their tonality is not very natural. For some genres, it doesn't matter so much, but sometimes it's pretty unpleasant for me. I tried a better cable, but I didn't notice any effect on the sound. Yes, $ 16 is a good price, but today the TRN V80 costs only $ 19 and for me it's still number one in this price range and with foam tips I've never heard any harash or sibilance unlike some others and their tonality and soundstage seems fine to me unlike DT6.
    Regarding Tiandirenhe TD1, the left piece is not green, it's bright blue, just because the driver chamber has a golden color, look at the pictures little bit strange :) In fact, they are 2 times more expensive than DT6 because you need to buy a good cable. I have Marshall Monitor BT at home and TD1 is very similar to their sound character. When I listen to them, I don't feel that they need to add some in bass, mids, or heights, they plays really very loud and without audible distortion. I don't consider myself a bassheader, but I'm still surprised at how well the bass and sub bass on TD1 can sound, well textured and controlled with minimal impact to mids. Their soundstage seems to me to be much wider than the DT6. They are not good for audiophiles, but for those who want to enjoy the music they do a great job. Comparing them to DT6 wouldn't be fair, but I personally prefer TD1, and if I need more details, I'll take the V80. The fairer would be to compare TD1 with Tin T2, even if I know someone will not like it, I have to say that T2 sounds more neutral, but a little boring to me.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  11. Cevisi
    take a harder foam tip like inairs 2 or dekoni that improves the sound of the t2 and put it at deep as you can into the nozzel that it blocks the air vent
  12. noysboy
    Anyone find good long eartips? I really like the ones that come with westone, but i havent been able to find longer ones to fit CCA or KZ
  13. tnelmo

    I did some research on many of the 3mm nozzle brands like Westone, Ety, Shure, along with the suggestions some of you made. I was surprised at the cost of used earphones. Am I right in assuming that before Chi-Fi came along, everyone paid at least $100+ for every set of IEMs?

    So instead of buying one of these expensive (to me) earphones and risking even the 3mm nozzle not fit my ears, I ordered a set each of T100 (small, 3mm ID) and T300 (small, 4mm ID) and waited a month for them to arrive.

    For anyone else with tiny ear canals, you may have success (as I have) with being able to fully insert and retain T100 and T300 tips, installed on bolts measuring 3mm and 4mm, respectively. I ordered some cheap memory foams. The T100 were more like the black KZ memory foam, and didn't compress as fully or easily, yet still worked for me. The T300 were the softer red/blue/grey AE version that compress much more. I prefer the red/blue/grey version, I think referred here as AE memory foams.

    Now that I know they fit, I am on the hunt for a compatible used IEM.
  14. zazaboy
    it appears to be very good BLON BL-03 is 90% with some eq settings like moondrop kxxs according some user from aliexpress .. he says its tuned by the same guys of tanchjim oxygen ... i think its a iem to watch out for...
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  15. KirovAir
    I am looking for a new set of IEM. I come from years of cheap-ish Sennheiser CX 200 but the cables keep dying on me. Recently had the CX 300 but it was kinda disappointing. Rebought the CX 200 again after years without them and it seems 'different' / disappointing again but better than the 300(?). Could be the smaller ear molds now. ('Street ||'?)
    I've also tried:
    - Airpods (nope)
    - Sennheiser HD-25 (not for me)
    - Xiaomi Pistons (too underwhelming)

    I basically want a new, better set with a replaceable cable and (of course) the best value for money. I will mostly listen to techno/tech house. My budget is $100 tops. I found quite some results in this thread and other threads as well with my set of requirements but I feel like some of them are quite outdated. Anyone can push me a bit in the right direction?

    Currently I am looking at the tin hifi t3 or the BQEYZ BQ3 but it feels like quite the gamble.

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