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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. HungryPanda
    I have the Carbo Tenore's and still love them to bits
  2. jant71
    They did well back then. Thing is people didn't hype or feel the need to hype to get noticed since it wasn't so "noisey" and crowded back then. :)

    There is this...

    Carbon + aluminum body
    M-DOCK system compatible


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  3. boblauer
    I'll take free beers, got enough IEM's, buds, phones and stereo gear, never enough beer.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  4. gourab1995
    Zero Audio make superb earphones. I don't know about the duoza, i have the carbo basso. It has the best bass till date on any iem i have. And holds its ground pretty well vs some newer chifi offerings.

    But given their slightly higher prices, i don't think these pump out the price to performance of some newer chifi iems.

    Would love an newer iteration of the tenore or basso.
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  5. steviewonderbread
    Any thoughts for acquiring something a bit different than the gear in my sig? Was thinking about the audiosense t180 despite the lack of reviews since I've never heard a single-BA IEM. It's a Knowles and seems intriguing. Anyone have it yet?

    Edit: Just ordered, hopefully I get something a bit unique compared to the DDs I've been shoving in my ears this year. should be here next week
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  6. jant71

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  7. gourab1995
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  8. DynamicEars
    at 2 weeks of my KZ ZS10 PRO i was thinking that maybe they will be my sub $50 champion, but after brief listen and come back to my KB100 then with ZS10 pro again, i still prefer my KB100, both have own pros and cons, ZS10 pro more detailed and good separation, wider soundstage but depth goes to KB100, and precise imaging on KB100 is super for the price, tonality KB100 won by much of ZS10 PRO off tonality. If they tune KB100 with bigger sub bass than mid bass, they will be super budget king.

    never thought as Big Eyes, i usually read em as B-Keys.. i dunno, really a weird brand name
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  9. Dani157
    For what it's worth, it indeed feels seamless. Makes one fall in love with their songs all over again. Kudos to Penon for getting their tuning spot on.
  10. NymPHONOmaniac
    Did you have KB100 and BQ3, im curious to know if they sound similar.

    Well, i like the PRO even if treble have rough grainy edge and cymbals sound splashy and erratic....more their instruments to deal with, more the PRO show its limit, but paired with right music its very fun listen.

    I compare it to Final Audio E2000 yesterday, tuning is better with E2000 as well as tonality and timbre, but the soundstage, imaging (when not too much instruments) and impact go to the PRO.
  11. NymPHONOmaniac
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  12. DynamicEars
    I dont own the BQ3, only KB100 that I have, but I have listen to them, BQ3 more energetic while KB100 more balanced with forward mids, sub bass extension and texture goes to BQ3 and trebles on BQ3 also more lively, KB100 highs more polite in comparison but still there are sparkles. Both of them sounds smooth all across frequency.

    I agree on ZS10 PRO separation and on busier tracks they handle songs quite good, they have benefit from 5 drivers config here, but yes tonality is off for me sadly. BTW imaging position still better on KB100 for me rather than ZS10 PRO. KB100 stands out for its imaging and smoothness. KZs while detailed, they sounds harsher, splashy if compared to BQEYZs. Just my 2 cents buddy
  13. NymPHONOmaniac
    yeah, i find them splashy too and with a ''primitive'' timber im use too with chifi cheapish ba's. These ZS10 PRO will not make me enamoured about KZ, would need a real miracle for that, wich BQEYZ already touch with the tips of their tuning fingers.

    And for KB100, this is what i wanna read: FOWARDS MIDS!!!! And did the vocal are still smooth on top???
  14. Dani157
    Buttery smooth. Vocals are probably the highlight of KB100.
  15. DynamicEars
    1 of the best forward mids along with TinHifi T2 / T3 in budget class. The vocal are very smooth from male voices to upper highs. If you like forward mids like I do, you'll like them for sure. And with good tonality of course!

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