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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Yeah. Forget to tell it.
    I really ask to BQEYZ if their audio engineer have listened to the unbeatable bargain DT6.

    Answer is something like: Yes, they don't like DT6, its not really tuned, all drivers are trown in there and thats it. This is only our opinion.

    Most admit I spit my beer on my laptop screen. Was a little destabilize. But i filter this info trough POSITIVITY and well, was like, hell! They sure take tuning work f***ing seriously then! They most be genius! Perhaps Japanese?

    Oh, but they think N3 is even worst too.

    BQEYZ have balls. They say what they think. No Bs. RESPECT!

    (hope i will not regret sharing this top secret info hum)
  2. baskingshark
    I really love the DT6 and even bought two pairs. It is truly stellar for the price. IMHO my only small bugbear is that some orchestral instruments don't sound tonally correct, such as wind and string instruments. So maybe that part can be tuned better or at least improved.

    Well sound and music is pretty subjective, so if these CHIFI companies provide more options and quality for us consumers, it is good for us.
  3. BadReligionPunk
    Yea well they can talk ish, but they need to deliver whatever the price. Given their track record though Im going to go out on a limb and say that they will. The 3 I own are all fantastic and actually inspired me to sell off almost all my CCA and KZ iems.
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  4. gourab1995
    I'd believe dt6 is not tuned, the low cost could be proof of it as well. It really did sound like the components were assembled and delivered just as is. I'm a little disappointed with how much attention and praise these get, which i think is mostly due to its graph presence in all ranges and seeming "balance". Which should not matter at all if it doesn't sound right. There is a borderline for acceptability with how off an iem is, these crossed them. Would pay more for better tuning easily.

    I dunno how far this applies to kz, in some of their iems. Would explain why kzs are a hit and miss. Would be interesting to know bqeyzs opinion of tin hifi products.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  5. BadReligionPunk
    Impossible to just throw 3 drivers into an IEM and have it sound good. Might not like the sound or tuning but its obviously been tuned.
  6. NymPHONOmaniac
    Its possible they order pre-tuned drivers...whatever, it sound spectacular, even if slightly ''cinematic'' and tonaly imperfect, LOVE THE DT6.

    Now, i just receive the KBEAR F1, pretty flat sounding iem, level of clarity is nice, bass is on the anemic side but still have proper punch for some excitment....still need more listen and cable swapping as I use a balanced copper that tend to warm the sound. Anyway, for a single armature it look like a capable iem.
  7. NymPHONOmaniac
    I have a very specific question. I dont listen to metal but often have question about what the best sub-50$ iem for metal.

    Any metal head that can help me here???
  8. DBaldock9
    For better comfort, I used the file on my Swiss Army Knife, to round-over the sharp edges on my F1 earphones. :ksc75smile:
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  9. Broquen
    Maybe you got a faulty unit? Mine sound pretty well.

    DT6 work pretty well for metal in my case. Anyway, you can always equalize a bit mids and highs to your liking (or whoever asked you). Did not find something better that justifies more money, until Pioneer CH9T (but must admit that my usual price range is not around ~50$/€)
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  10. MrDelicious
    I quite like VSD1S for metal. Similar to E2000, but with a bit more treble.
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  11. Nimweth
    Yes, it's very good, as you will see from my signature, it makes my top 10. +1 for the DT6!
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  12. BadReligionPunk
    What kind of metal? There are so many sub genres now and about a million different ways metal albums are mixed. Sludge and Doom are usually all about the thickness and bass. Bass heavy iems with good stage are preference for me. Black metal is all about speed and tightness, but are also mixed hot and tizzy a lot of times so more neutral balanced with some warmth are what I prefer. Death metal is very downtuned and veiled especially 90's and early 2k period. I usually prefer tight fast dynamic bass, with forward mids and upper mids, with smooth but somewhat extended highs.

    Best bet I have found is go W shape and EQ to preference. Neutron with its massive amounts of DSP and 30 band PEQ give you insane amounts of specific frequency control. I get people not wanting to use it, but metal is pound for pound some of the worst mixed stuff in the world especially extreme metal genres. IMO.
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  13. gourab1995
    I equd my zs7 to sound like the dt6 In terms of frequency response, using audiobudgets graphs, to confirm if i have a defective unit. Bass is pretty good, mids are great, just like on my unit.

    Then comes the sound upper treble onwards; treble is just off putting, it sounds somehow congested, imaging is smeared over. They don't lack treble. Its like there is a hole in the treble. I would describe the sound as irritating. Because you know these are some very well equipped iems. But just manage to miss the mark.

    On the bright side they do have good balance, mids and are pretty cheap, sound superb with rock music.

    There are so many pre tuned drivers on AliExpress for sale ranging from low end to full range drivers. I could see them just sticking those in without caring too much if they sound decent or not.
  14. NymPHONOmaniac
    Did BQ3 is a good Metal ''all arounder''?

    Was thinking you need bright punchy iem for metal, so fast drum and snare as well as electric guitar crunch are render properly lively.

    Should stop being obsess by classical and jazz and electronic for a while and go back to some intense jazz rock fusion like Elephant9 and experimental rock like Autoryno.
  15. baskingshark
    Do u use an amp for the DT6? I find the piezo drivers in it require some juice to get the details and brightness in the treble.
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