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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Broquen
    Great! Have to take a good look on it. Thank you both :)
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  2. Slater
    The microphonics are eliminated if you wear them ‘up’ (ie behind the ear) instead of ‘down’.
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  3. Slater
    Nice looking cable! Do you mind posting the purchase link?
  4. baskingshark
    Thanks for the pro tip! I will give it a try later.
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  5. SilverEars
    My old one built up some debree/gunk that got lodge inbetween where the housing attachment and the driver housing part is. There a cylindrical pit there, and there is a vent hole within that pit.

    That's the left circle on the image, and the front vent is where the right circle is. My understanding is that if you close the back vent, the bass will reduce.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  6. SilverEars
    It's not burn-in, it's QC variance.

    I've measured 2 new ones and the old one again, and overplayed them. Same output volume.
    AKG samsung variations.jpg
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  7. MrDelicious
    That would make sense, yeah.
  8. Ted Presley
    Ah, I know a local DIY cable marker, he modded this, not me.
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  9. PreetyAdrian
    So I got the cable I was waiting for and I must say now I'm really liking these M6's.
    I'm using a silver plated cable, 3rd party filter, wide bore tips with some foam for better isolation (with this filter you will loose some of the isolation because it has a hole - see in the picture).
    So if you get these for a fair price I will recommend them.
    I'm sorry if I misinformed you. If you need more info you can PM me.

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  10. SiggyFraud
    These look good! I almost feel bad about ordering two other sets of IEMs instead. Well, maybe next time :wink:
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  11. PreetyAdrian
    What did you got?
  12. SiggyFraud
    The Sennheiser IE 40 PRO, which I'm listening to right now with the goofiest grin on my face (David Bowie's "Blackstar" never sounded so good), and a pair of Ibasso IT01 that are stil on the way.
    Right now I feel like selling 99% of my chi-fi collection and keeping just the Senns. Will see, might as well do that.
  13. PreetyAdrian
    I'm a fan of Sennheiser and I was looking at these but I was sceptical about the bass
    How is it the bass BTW?
  14. NymPHONOmaniac
    So, did the AUDIOSENSET180 will became next (NO BS) hyped champion???

    Man, they are more than promising, and since I heard multiple single armature (more high end) earphones, I know what a single full range BA can do. Final Audio B2 is a mind blowing example of that....but 10times more expensive than the T180. On my NBBA facebook group somebody say that he prefer T180 over T800(!)

    This is his little impression, wich suggest they are great for rock:
    ''Here share my opinion upon AudioSense T180. Before I jump on to praise it and express how much i love it, I would declare that I have tried really hard in finding good cheap pairs as my daily drive. I have tried Tin t3, the DT6 . xiaomi and others. However I dumped all those after i listened to this unit. I bought a westone um1 on July 4th weekend to make a comparison. It is still on the way and I would like to share this review first. Instead of narrating its pros, I would compare it with tin t3. If you listen to the song "D-Grade **** Movie Jam" from "You know what " from The aristocrats, you would expect the beginning guitar power chords are harsh with tight response along with bass punching. T3 messed up totally loose sound texture. T180 did well. When the drum kicked in, you would expect the sound is from a larger sound stage. t180 positions it right. The clarity and accuracy are tune correctly and balanced. Wide sound stage surprised me. If keep listening, from 1:43, you can clearly listen the bass tone change to neck pickup as sound get more balanced mid. Enough accuracy and details revealed in 2:44 with three layers guitar are positioned in different spaces. The drum performance from 4:30-5:00 showed off how well this unit could handle dynamics. All above are pros. It is hard for me to pick one con. If force me to choose one. the only con is that it has only one drive which cause weak richness in picky range response. Personally I am super impressed by this unit.''

    Oh, and Audiosense have a single dynamic too, and will lauch dual BA-DD soon. A company to check out. I'm waiting for mine to arrive...because they work on a new 8cores cable to be included instead of 4cores stock one.
  15. FastAndClean
    new 2BA model from AUDIOSENSE coming soon, knowles drivers with filed resin body, shhhh
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