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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Almazbek

    Your replies really helped me. Thats all I wanted to hear, you are the best, thank you!
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  2. SharkSkin
    Looks interesting. I've had good luck with the ceramic driver earphones I've had so far (Rosewill EX500 and the DT6). But I can't help but feel like NiceHCK is just stuffing a bunch more drivers in there for the heck of it (and an upcharge).
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  3. Zerohour88
    the plot thickens!:grin:

    the design pulled me in a bit (KZ's build quality should be good), but more interesting is that a few users demoed them with the IER-Z1R and said they're comparable (the Z1R being a usd$2k TOTL). Overhyped giant killers are nothing new, ofc.

    more reliable observation is that its better than the KZ AS16, which isn't really something to boast about.

    It should be noted that NiceHCK do have models with more driver counts than this (the FR12 comes to mind). There are reasons to have more drivers in an IEM (fullness of sound, covering more of the FR), so I'd leave it to the tuners to figure out and just put them in my ear and hopefully enjoy the sound that comes out.
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  4. HungryPanda
    I actually have the N3 but for the life of me cannot remember how they sound. I'll have to find them.
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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    Lol. I dont think so.
  6. SiggyFraud
    Are the Nicehck M6 still a good option within the 80-100 USD price range? I'm looking for a significant upgrade, but can't decide between the M6, Ibasso IT01, FiiO FH1, and some others.
  7. gourab1995
    Anyone own these lz semkarch iems, apparently they have some kind of "carbon nanotube tech". Anybody know if they deliver what they advertise with their tech?

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  8. mbwilson111
    I think you will find the N3 in my list :) You have forgotten that you gave them to me after you received a few that were far more expensive. I love them.

    ... and you, LaughMoreDaily, might be surprised how amazing the MH755 can sound. It's not all about price and/or number of drivers.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  9. PreetyAdrian
    IMHO the M6 sounds like an old boombox, which to me it's not that fun.
    You get the 3 filters but do not expect to be mind blowing... They do change a little the sound but not by much.
    The soundstage feels very crowded and also the instruments.
    I does improve with the third party champagne filter from BGVP but if you listen carefully the voices sound like they are coming from a tube.
    The only positive thing is that there are non fatiguing... if that is important to you.
    I got these from a member following the hype and I would not recommend these.
    I don'y know if something will change with a different cable... I will let you know in a couple of days after I receive my order.
    You can EQ them more to your liking as I do.
    Hope this helps.
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  10. SiggyFraud
    Thanks for your input. Any other IEMs in the 100 USD price range that you would recommend?
  11. baskingshark
    I bought the TFZ No. 3 (regular) at the recent aliexpress sale and if you want a warm, slightly dark and smooth non fatiguing signature, this is excellent for the price of ~ $100.

    This is my amateur review:

    But it is not for people who want an analytical signature or something with high resolution or for treble heads.
  12. BadReligionPunk
    Got em. They are my number ones. At $100 they were comparable to IT01. They actually did most things better then IT01(stage, separation, imaging). At $65 sale price(what I bought em at) they were top tier at that price for the sound. At $35 clearance price they are a no brainer for people that like commercial sound. They basically have SONY commercial sound all the way through. Bass isn't the fastest and bleeds a bit, but is easily contained via EQ, but honestly it never bothers me for the music that I listen to and is actually good for most of my music.

    Anyway I love them for summertime use. I work outside in the 95-100 heat with 60-70% humidity so I need single dynamic. These things are the 2nd most comfortable over ears IEM I have tried. They completly dissappear and their profile fit completly inside my ear so I can wear a full face helmet over them.

    Wanted to also say that they come with Sony hybrid tips which are narrow bore tips. That enhances the bass and smothers the treble. My opinion is that wide bores are the way to go. I use JVC spiral dots and black filter. Even things out a bit for me personally.

    Graphs using all the different LZ filters. https://ameblo.jp/nyanpire-chu/entry-12375038833.html

    Also yes Carbon nanotube driver is indestructible. These can handle +20db boost and quite a bit of my 800mw amp before distortion. :)
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  13. loomisjohnson
    the n3, which had that piezooelectric thingy, was a miss--some good parts not leading to a coherent whole.
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  14. PreetyAdrian
    I'm on the same journey :)
    Till now I've tried Tin T3, TFZ S2, TFZ T2.
    T3 I think is the best from these. And I really like the sound signature of the S2.
    Now I'm interested to find more info about Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 and TFZ No 3.
    I may end up getting the No 3 since I do like the sound signature of these
  15. gourab1995
    Wow, thanks for your detailed reply, extremely helpful! :)

    Im liking that graph as well, do they beat the kz offerings like the zs7 or zs10pro in terms of soundstage, imaging and naturalness at this price according to you?
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019

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