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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. mbwilson111
    They do.. now I am tempted...
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  2. Zerohour88
    got the recent nicehck lucky bag (nice earbuds, the ME80, better fit compared to its more accomplished twin, the EBX), so wasn't gonna jump on this. Then saw the pics and now feel quite tempted too (most cheapo DD do that to me). Supposedly 2-pin connectors as well.
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  3. silverfishla
    Do you know what the maker or earphone that these are supposed to be compared to? I read the description, but it’s all too cryptic for me and can’t place what the seller is trying to compare it to.
  4. mbwilson111
    I have no idea..I just think they look cool:)
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  5. harry501501
    IMG_20190703_204751.jpg IMG_20190703_205138.jpg

    Just got the Moondrop Crescent TEN days sooner than expected from Amazon US for £23. Gorgeous to look at but some may say overly flashy. Really enjoying it's mellow, laid back yet impactful, fun sound. It's funny how I've used the Final e4000 as a size guide as they share similarities in sound, with the e4000 taking it to a higher level with a tad more sense of scale and refinement (but nearly 5 times more expensive).

    Bass has a nice clear mid-bass but there is some rumble in that opening sub bass in Lorde's Royals. It gets a little uncontrolled the deeper it goes. Sound has little more weight to it than I'm used to which colours it slightly in the bass/mids BUT I'm really impressed by how well it separates instruments and vocals with such a fuller sound. That fuller sound with it's decent soundstage depth and width makes the sound BIG and epic, giving those rock anthems that big stadium filling sound. In the few reviews I've read it says the treble is a bit dark, but that's not how I'm hearing it... if they were a bit brighter treble would be top notch. Again you'd be taken aback by clarity, on first listen you expect them to be quite congested and that the strong bass would cloud and bleed in to the mids. Not at all tho. Mids can be the main focus (in a good way), again nice amount of detail for such thick mids (this isn't tho a mid-centric sound). With my FIIO M6 mids and vocals especially were a bit too forward, but with a different source it's more central and actually quite balanced. For £23 it's great value and an exciting sound made for fun. Had some decent luck with dynamic driver earphones recently, nice change from all the hybrids I've been buying. (The set that you can't mention on here that kinda looks like the Tin Audio T2 is very good).
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  6. NeonHD
    ESTRON (ALWUP) C630 First Impressions/Review:


    Today I am reviewing the "ALWUP" C630, or also known as: TIMMKOO C630, E-MI CI880, ZHIYIN C630, blah blah blah. Seriously, who even comes up with these weird sounding brand names like "ALWUP"? The C630 is manufactured by Shenzhen Estron Technology, at least Estron sounds like a normal name.

    I have long avoided the C630 because, according to this one site everyone should know of, the highs are described as "borderline piercing". That, along with the accompanied FR graph, gave me the impression that it was even more piercing than the QT2. Plus, the general lack of other reviews from well-known sites like thephonograph didn't really convince me much. But recently after reading some more positive opinions about these, I decided to give them a try, and guess what? They don't sound piercing at all! If anything, they are a bit harsh in the high-mids area (or lower treble, whatever you want to call it).


    Unfortunately unlike others, my pair came inside a plastic bag with only some eartips included.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The C630 shares similar designs to Yinyoo V2 and Tin HiFi T2, but is much smaller in comparison than the two, and is also very light. This makes for a very comfortable fit, especially when used with small eartips; you can forget that they are even there. Sleeping with these with my ear pressed onto the pillow is no problem as well.

    They do a decent job at isolating noise. Not bad, but nothing outstanding.


    The C630 sports a well-balanced, ever-so-slightly U-shaped sound signature, with a brilliant emphasis in the higher mids.

    The low end is perfect, it's not emphasized in any way, and the bass only kicks in during times when you actually need it. The lows have more dynamic punch and slam than a linear rumble (if you will), which I prefer as it creates this natural resonance. The attack is fast and the decay has the perfect timing. The best part is that the punchiness of the lows comes mostly from the sub-bass, with a natural decrease in mid-bass, which makes kick drums and basslines sound so clean and natural. Clean and natural is probably the best way to describe the bass, or like this other opinion I've read put it: delicious.

    As with the bass, clean and natural also applies to the mids. While the mids might technically seem a bit recessed, especially when compared to the high mids, I can actually hear all the details of the mids thanks to its well-controlled bass. Instruments sound lush and full-bodied, yet not congested, and not lacking in any warmth.

    High-mids have the perfect emphasis, with a unique brilliant timbre to it. Maybe slightly more emphasized than usual, but does not sound harsh and adds to the overall clarity and clearness of the sound. Vocals (especially female vocals) sound absolutely pleasant and gets super intimate, as if you are literally face to face with the singer. The high-mids, in my opinion, are what makes the C360 so special, the high-mids are "tinted" in a way that gives the C630 its own personality.

    I found the treble to be a pleasant surprise. Judging from the graphs, I was expecting it to be just as piercing as the QT2, if not more, so it actually surprised me when they sounded much less "peakier" than the QT2. In fact, the treble is much more crispier and natural sounding, with the potential to reveal just as much micro-details as the QT2. So even though they share almost the same sort of upper treble peak, the differences occur within the timbre and the loudness. On regular listening sessions, the treble peak is mostly transparent.

    Soundstage and imaging are all top notch. I'm not sure what other people were experiencing, but rest assured that the C630 doesn't have a "wide artificial stage"; that title goes to IEMs like the Sony MH1C. Instead, sounds are presented very naturally within the stage. There are no instances where I feel that a sound is artificially placed or totally forced into the left or right stage. In other words, if a sound is supposed to be at the center stage, it will stay at the center stage. Having said that, the soundstage is leaning towards the spacious side; there is none of that "inside your head" feeling here. Though sounds don't make the effort to go way beyond your head, they surround and envelop you like this miniature dome around your head. The geometrics of the soundstage is slightly elliptical, and thus is more wider than it is deep or tall. Imaging, like the soundstage, is great, with sounds coming from all sorts of angles which makes the stage very three-dimensional-like.

    Overall, the C630 are a very excellent pair of earphones with a clear, bright and balanced sound. They are made for music lovers who want something "mellifluous" (as opposed to cold and analytical) but without sacrificing clarity. And boy do these excel at clarity.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  7. Bartig

    Battle of the Budget Golds, I thought.

    But no time for a fight yet. I just can't stop listening to the new ones. Wooooow.
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  8. HerrXRDS
    Alright, what are the other ones? And are they a worthy contender to Crescent?
  9. zazaboy
    It sounds maybe stupid but why dont we make a rank list like crinnacle for 100 sub only with rankings so that we can pick or prefered iem based on the list or maybe have a idea.. It sounds stupid i know but knowing value of a iem is important this days .. We can determine some iems based on price/performance i think this thread needs this.. It will be very usefull for starters or moderate users to discover good iems in budget level
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  10. harry501501
    I get where you're coming from but I think you might be underestimating how big a job that would be and how difficult to start then manage it properly. Just look at the vast amount of IEMs on the first page of this thread (around 150 pairs) and even then it's missing a lot of great sub 100 pairs. How many on that list should be in the top 100 or are they resigned to the past? It was last edited four months ago too and there's been a lot of good releases in that time period, not to mention the amount of decent budget sets that seem to be coming out on a regular basis.

    Lastly, where do you even start creating a list from scratch?

    Not trying to be negative, just a helluva a job!!!
  11. SomeEntityThing
    That would be a daunting task since everyone hears things differently, but probably not undoable if we keep feedback as general opinions. Perhaps we could split the IEMs into different categories according to their sound sig, like V-shaped, Neutral, U-shaped, etc., so that folks can have a more organized list to choose from when looking for the best IEM to suit the signature they want?
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  12. SomeEntityThing
    Ah, taking into consideration your point about how Chi-fi is being pumped out and improving so often, yeah it would make maintaining the list quite a chore.
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  13. DynamicEars
    You are just starting a war in this thread if you do that probably. There are thousands of budget iems and usually biased impressions and fanboys are in this budget level. The more you go up, there are more experienced user with non biased impressions. Not saying this is a bad idea but indeed it is very difficult task to do. For example if you ask every user here what is your no 1,2,3 best iem under $100, the answer will be very vary (and they stand on their own opinion)
  14. Slater
    HeadFi had such a ranking list/function before the site was redesigned. The database list could be sorted and searched many different ways. I used to use it all the time.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
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  15. 1clearhead
    Yup, agree!...I warned everyone in my review! They sound horrible right out the package, but give them at least 100 hours of play time, and they will definitly surprise those treble and clarity seekers. Details are easily revealing on all genre's!
    ...That's why I personally won't review an earphone right out the package.:wink:


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