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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Craftsman
    But realistically, we aren't talking about that particular IEM but rather the cable that came with it and from what I understand it was upgraded from the original one that was probably sourced from the company that can't named. Since the cord is completely new, won't that be fair game to discuss as long as we don't talk about the IEM itself?

    As for the cable, I hear what you are saying and I completely agree to a point. In fact, the day after I ordered those IEMs (after reading the reviews about the new cable being better but still not great and that's why I got the updated model over the previous one), I ordered what I thought was a decent cable for the price (considering the low price I paid for the IEM, a decent price for the cable was under $10). So, using information what I can find online (and a first few pages of the cheap cable thread on Head-fi), I ordered the TRN 8-core cable. And yes, I realize now after actually finishing reading all 129 pages that the TRN 8 core cable has some massive issues in terms of actually connecting cores - and thanks for your contributions to the thread so that everyone knows what's going on! Well, that cable is still in transit, and I just have the OE cables to use until the TRN cable arrives or until I order another cable. On a related note, it would be interesting to see if this TRN cable has the same issues as the previous ones.

    Besides, I also want to see if RevoNext is actually responsive their customers or not and how they will handle issues. And this is a good test for it as it's a basic question about a defective product they supplied. I also want an OKAY back-up cable to use just in case the replacement cable breaks so I don't expect to actually put it through a lot of us.
  2. CoiL
    Thanks for bringing down "hype-train" before it even started! :wink:

    Seems CCA hasn`t learned much from KZ fanbase and "play" with prices and same looks with minor tweaks. IMHO, next CCA should be having design change (for better ergonomics) and some serious tuning/tonality change (for better)... not just slam bunch of cheap BAs in same shell with almost nothing done to sound.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
  3. loomisjohnson
    i hear the cca10 differently--warmish and quite bassy, with a bit more natural tonality than comparable kzs and good overall. vive le difference.
  4. DynamicEars
    Youre saying CCA10, did you mean CCA C10 perhaps? he was reviewing CCA A10 in case you're mixed out, no offense, their name a bit confusing without doubt
  5. loomisjohnson
    you are absolutely right--i meant the c10 and have not heard the a10--my apologies. cca might want to rethink it's naming conventions, but it's their company...
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  6. loomisjohnson
    EDIT: as dynamicears saliently noted, my impressions are of the c10, not the (not at all confusingly titled) a10, which i haven't heard.
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  7. darmanastartes
    The CCA-C10 are a much better IEM than the CCA-A10.
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  8. darmanastartes
    Here's the graph of the CCA-C10 vs a lookalike of the CCA-A10 from my review:
    It's a much more balanced tuning.
  9. PhonoPhi
    Not to my ears, but that definitely comes to the DD vs. BA preference and perhaps to the ability to measure the low end of IEMs with BAs properly.

    P. S. I am not into any "hype trains".
    I bought A10 and like it.
    C10 is undoubtedly a better all-rounder that can be recommended more universally, especially to people coming from DDs.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  10. Zerohour88
    anybody up for another lucky bag? supposedly a KBear model?, nah, not a KB model, but possible pics below for potential buyers:

    -look on aliepress for lucky bag, supposedly from they-who-shall-not-be-named here

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  11. Slater
    Pics not working
  12. mbwilson111
    They are for me
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  13. B9Scrambler
    Any chance you could screenshot them? Not sure about others, but all I get is an image describing the grab bag. No product pics.
  14. mbwilson111
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  15. B9Scrambler

    Thank you! Those look neat :D
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