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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. DynamicEars
    I'm listening.. tell me more about Audiosense. $300 isn't cheap but 8 knowles BAs at that price is crazy. Would like to hear about the T300 also
  2. loomisjohnson
    the audiosense as20 were among the first hybirds i bought ($50 or so) and are still very credible + build quality was extremely good. not surprised that this new model is well received--they seem to be a very together company
  3. harry501501
    Tell you what, I'm really enjoying the ZS10 PROs. Bass is delicious! There's been quite a few times I've heard some bass notes thinking there's that fuzzy static-y noise resonating and there's a fault with them... only to work out I'm hearing a much more accurate bass response. Same with lower keyboard notes. Bass notes 'bounce' and decay so so naturally, can be delightfully thick and 'fat' one minute and speedy and precise the next. It was the exact same with certain lead vocals... I'm hearing clearer vibrato, growl and grit in certain lead vocalists i hadn't noticed before.
  4. Bartig
    Maybe YOU can. I've got two left hands.

    With three fingers each.

    And the thumb in the middle. :p
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  5. mbwilson111
    I am lucky...I have a husband who will does the recabling (and bud making) for me. I understand what needs to be done but my hands are defective.
  6. harry501501

    So I've wanted to do this for a long while but never had the time. I'm going to be comparing the CCA C10 OOTB with my older set which has at the very least 100 hours of pink noise/music burn in. This won't do anything to solve that age old audiophile debate but I've read on many reviews that 100+ hours did a lot to the OOTB sound signature, most saying a smoother sound.

    I really wasn't expecting any change as I've never really bought in to burn-in apart from brain burn in... but with the C10 anyway... there's a MASSIVE change. In a nutshell the first thing i noticed is volume. Burnie I was listening at 60% volume on my DAC. With OOTB I had to go to 75-80% for same level.


    OOTB - very weak, close to anaemic. Very dry and thin... tho you kinda hear some similar depth in sub notes albeit very strained.
    Burnie - stronger, much more pronounced and forward and well fuller

    MIDS -

    OOTB - thinner but at this point as the bass is weaker they are actually slightly clearer believe it or not. Detail is easier to spot for this same reason, albeit still a more brittle softer mids.
    Burnie - thicker and that bass is making them much smoother and they've more weight behind notes, especially vocals. I'm actually noticing a good bit of over emphasis from teh bass which actually is bleeding more in to the lower mids than I'd noticed before. Still the fuller sound is more satisfying and natural. Mids are definitely pushed slightly more forward now.

    TREBLE -

    OOTB - Again pretty thin sounding but without that big bass change still to happen they sound cleaner and clearer, more airy. Cymbals sounding especially realistic at this stage. I'm not noticing any brightness at this stage
    Burnie - Follows suit from mids, bit fuller, everything has more weight behind it giving instruments a bit more of an organic sound.. Some overall bass bleed is hiding detail a little (and i mean a little).

    Soundstage - very similar in width depth. The oldie sounding more airy cos of that lack of bass, burnie having more scale due to that better volume (helped by the bass)


    Well in the case of the CCA C10 there's obvious improvements over time. As i said, a more fuller, smoother sound. Everything just sounds more natural, but there is some bass bleed that does make them less airy... but that's always going to be the case with mids and treble given more room to dominate and breath. Bass makes the biggest change, much more elevated.

    Would the OOTB sound put some people off... a clear yes. You may be led to believe that there's something wrong with the earphone due to the tinny, rattly bass which has little to no strength or definition.

    Hopefully some of you might find this little experiment fun to read.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  7. jwong
    Do you loan out your panda's services? :D
  8. mbwilson111
    Not usually.
  9. Broquen
    Finally someone has done the test! Thank you for the effort and review! In fact, I'm pretty convinced that burn in affects more BAs than DDs and that the burn-in process can last for many, many hours. I like a lot more now some of my IEMs than OOTB, but I noticed specially with NCM NC5v2. These have hundreds of hours of listening and from the bass notes to the cymbals, never sounded as organic and natural. Not so many time ago I was telling to @superuser1 that cymbals sounded to me a bit "white", as if it lacked a bit of "natural" coloration (don't know how to say it better), -although it had already improved noticeably since the first listening-. In the last months, it has improved a bit more and now, when I do some reset with neutral IEMs from time to time, am unable to perceive it again.
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  10. Slater
    94CF0D30-D738-4F9D-A683-2E6A70E07C70.jpeg 9DC0A117-E576-4150-828E-D7E75D4E1F1F.jpeg BB69571C-027C-4688-A8AB-40429FA52818.jpeg
    If you’re in the US, I can do it (with different cable, foam modded, mmcx, balanced, etc). Hit me up on PM if interested.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  11. HerrXRDS
    I'm surprised the AKG earbuds that come with Samsung phones aren't more popular here. I find myself grabbing them over most of the IEMs in this list that I own and even more expensive flavors. They may not be the most capable of the bunch, but I find the tunning very pleasant. These "free" earbuds made me regret buying many, many IEMs.
  12. CoFire
    The test is not over. You have burn I the OOTB iem under the same conditions and do a comparison again to see if burn in closes the gap. Otherwise people will just comment on iem variability, plus I think this is a great opportunity.
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  13. CoFire
    Can someone please give me the 5 step method to maximizing my savings on Aliexpress?

    I'm interested in a couple IEMs and if I can chip away at the prices, I may pick them up.

    Many thanks, my wallet thanks you but it also acknowledges it wouldn't be in this dilemma without you!

    And yes, I ask here because this is the si sub $100 IEM thread so in my mind, that means Aliexpress and similar avenues.

    Many thanks.
  14. BadReligionPunk
    Download the mobile app. Collect Aliexpress coins everyday. Just have to log in and collect your 16 coins and then log out. Wait for big sale. Grab the $5 off $50 coupon that is given every sale. Cash in 1000 coins for the $10 off $69 coupon. Search stores to see if they are having a $6 off every $65 promotion on top of the sale price. Also search them to see what their store coupons are. They stack with the $5 or $10 coupon. There are also $2 off $10 coupons that cost 200 coins that can be useful for cheaper items.
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  15. jwong
    I'm not sure how useful the mobile app really is (for prices that is, not coin gathering). The prices sometimes come up slightly less, but on the desktop side I usually use a cashback site for 3% or more back which usually is more than the discount. But I do check it out on the app just to make sure.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019

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