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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. highlightshadow
    I just got a set of the TFZ No.3 - they're very impressive for sub 100
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  2. Slater
    I don’t have both, so unfortunately I can’t compare them. But I do have the Nine Tail, which is a steal at $75.

    Remember that the Nine Tail has front and rear filters, allowing you to tailor the sound to your liking. That’s like having multiple IEMs in 1.
  3. ShabtabQ
    Can anybody please tell me the sound differences between the TRN IM1, IM1 Pro and the IM2,
  4. Zerohour88
  5. LifeOnMercury
    I prefer topaz over Kansas pro but this is just my personal opinion.
    These two have really different sound signatures. Topaz is airy and straightforward with minimal colorations. Kanas pro sounds like you put a blur/soften filter over everything and the soundstage is a little congested. I’m not saying kanas pro sounds bad, actually many fellows love kanas pro’s warm and sweet sound. Yes kanas pro does sound a bit congested but in a good way - maybe I need to replace the word “congested” with “creamy”.
    So, if all you care about is the vocal and you don’t want to figure out what other instruments are doing in the recording Kanas pro is right for you.
    But if you want to clearly hear every part of the music topaz might be a better choice.
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  6. DBaldock9
    The HiFi BCD X10 earphones arrived in the mail today.
    It turns out that the splitter is more compact that it appeared in the photos on eBay - so that's a good thing.
    After switching to the larger silicone tips, I'm getting a good seal in my ears, without having to insert them uncomfortably deep.
    Due to the length and shape of these earphones, they're the only ones in my collection that pretty much have to be worn with the cable down, in order to place them for best sound.
    I've had them connected to my iBasso PB2 (dual OPA1622 op-amps), streaming New Orleans Jazz band "Tuba Skinny" videos (thanks to @Wyville for posting a video in the "IEM/Ear Bud Lounge" thread) from my Roku4 and PC.
    Due to having a forward Midrange, it seemed like they may be a bit Bass-shy, but I went to https://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php and verified that they have Bass that's sensed at 10Hz, and audible beginning at 20Hz.
    While on that webpage, I listened to Left, Right, Center, & Twisted - to check for mis-wiring, and determined that the drivers are in-phase, but the wires to Tip and Ring1 are swapped.
    Aside from the issue of cable noise (which would usually be isolated better if I could wear the cable over the ear), and the fact that they're labeled and wired backwards (L <-> R), these X10 really do have a clear, detailed sound.
  7. gourab1995
    Bcd x10 or sony mh 755 any votes/recommendations?
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  8. Dani157
    Looking forward to this. Although if judged purely from price point, then Mh755 is a no brainer for ₹500-700 as BCD will cost anything around twice that price when shipped to India.
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  9. gourab1995
    True that. The bcd x10 are double in price compared to the mh755. Considering this is ultra budget. I will still consider them comparable.

    Only sound wise how do the stand up against each other will be of interest. Given the mh755's inconvenience of getting a separate extended cable. Should add up to be very similar in price in the end.
  10. Dani157
    A good cable would barely set you down by ₹100-200. Still the price difference is significant. Although BCD doesn't follow Harman Target which mh755 follows. So ultimately it's a toss up between sonic preference and cost attached to it.
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  11. CoiL
    Keep us updated! Want it as potential gift.
    I do not agree a bit! KPE has VERY clear and detailed sound and no congestion anywhere, neither in imaging or soundstage nor does it sound as warm-signature IEM.

    What are You using as source? Are You amping them properly (mA)? What tips do You use and do they slide down the nozzle?
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  12. archdawg
    I always wanted to check out the R...n... QT2 so when I saw them and the QT2S for less than 19€ on AE yesterday (no-brainer) I couldn't resist any longer and pulled the trigger on some red QT2S. Heck, I got my grey steampunk QT5 for about the same money two months ago and they've been my preferred sub-$20 IEMs since then.
    So ... what's next? The Toneking Nine Tails look interesting, the TFZ No.3 no less but I guess Í'll wait a little longer until some more reviews and maybe comparisons come in; the next sale is never too far away anyway and who knows what the next week will yield, lol.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  13. Wiljen
    Kinera SIF and Status Audio IEM2x reviews will post this week. Both are solid in their price ranges so worth a look.
  14. Nimweth
    +1 for the Steampunk!
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  15. archdawg
    Dunno if @crabdog (Crabbos) was the first reviewer who mentioned their steampunk aspect but I couldn't agree more - my steel-grey copies right in front of me look simply gorgeous and above that sound pretty amazing for their money. Best ~18€ spent in a good while but with the almost equally priced QT2 on their way now that could easily change.


    (... on a 16-core HiFiHear cable - amazing combo)
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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