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Best Stax for EDM/bass performance?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by DJ The Rocket, Oct 12, 2017.
  1. DJ The Rocket
    I have my first Stax rig (SRM-727A -> SR-Lambda Pro). I'm using an ODAC with it.

    I've heard that Stax can be pretty bass-light, but the most impressive thing about my setup is the bass: it goes much lower, with much greater clarity, detail, speed, and control than any other headphone I've heard, and beats most subwoofers I've heard too. The excellent subterranean rumble and slam of the Stax bass has been a revelation.

    I listen primarily to EDM, so bass is an important region for me. But I don't like the "everything forward" sound signature overall, because it's usually too fatiguing for me. EQ'ing only helps somewhat, and doesn't really solve the problem.

    Is there another Stax headphone that keeps the amazing low end performance, but that's also easier to listen to overall? Am I doomed to have to save up for the SR-009 to get what I'm looking for?
  2. ToroFiestaSol
    Ufff, that would require a new complete setup.
    What you want is the 007A, must do the port mod and buy the brown 007 pads, to put the larger metal arc that comes with them on the black pads (this helps with seal), and bend a bit the headband arcs to find the best fit for you.
    Then, get a KGSSHV Carbon, SRM-727A will make it sound like dropped in mud, not enough power.
    You'll need much moar betta DAC, ODAC is like throwing ketchup to the nicest caviar with such a high end setup. Metrum Pavane/Yggdrasil and you're done. Bass hits like crazy and does not bleed with the mids with a setup like this.
    SR-009 does not have the bass punch that SR-007 has, sound preferences aside, this is something that everyone agrees with.

    Sorry about your wallet :wink:
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  3. DJ The Rocket
    Good advice, and thanks! xD

    I've been really hoping I didn't need to spend an equal amount more on my DAC, but if it's that much better than it's at least worth a listen. Schiit DACs just fly off the for sale forums too, usually in hours it seems!
  4. Whitigir
    Well....preferences aside....there is a reason why 009 is Stax flagship. Stax game ain’t cheap, but is worth it....especially there is a whole big, friendly, dedicated group of folks behind it, who is all about performances....no snake oils....no marketing bull****. :D
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  5. kylev
    Haven't heard 009 with my setup yet - but have heard 007 with my 717 amp, it sounds too dark for my taste. The bass does have great impact though.

    Then, I go for L700 to pair with this amp, and it does great job as well for EDM music, bit brighter but not too bright like 009, very good clarity and sub bass. The sound stage is not as wide as 007 or even Hd800 though.
    L700 I personally feel has sound signature sits in between 007 and 009 and I recommend this for EDM without really breaking your bank :gs1000smile:
  6. DJ The Rocket
    I just became aware of the L700 myself, but it's kind of hard finding reviews of specific Stax equipment which actually help me in deciding how to solve my own problems. It seems Stax headphones with a "7" in the model number are interesting to me. Thanks for your input!

    I've decided that I really like the sound I get from the SRM-727A, it was just the ODAC that didn't pair well with it. So I have a Modi Multibit on the way; if that doesn't do it for me, I plan on trying a Hifiman HM650, since the HM601 sounds excellent on the Stax xD
  7. rgs9200m
    You need a good amp like a Mjolnir (or at least some other KGSS variant) for Stax headphones.
    I personally like the SR007 Mk. 2 (current production). Very nice controlled deep bass.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  8. paradoxper
    Follow what ToroFiestaSol said.
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  9. rgs9200m
    I don't use any mods on my SR007 mk2 and it's just fine. (Amp is a KGSS HV Mini).
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  10. DJ The Rocket
    How do the SR-207/307 compare to the SR-Lambda Pro? Would that represent a step up?

    I have budgeted enough that I can also afford a 404 or L300 right now. What about either of those? I'm leaning toward the L300, the only thing stopping me from ordering immediately is that I could continue saving and be able to afford an L500 in a few short months time. The L700 is considerably further away than that
  11. Music Alchemist
    I would rank the STAX headphones I owned as thus:

    1. SR-L300
    2. SR-207
    3. SR-Lambda
    4. SR-30

    As you go from older to newer Lambdas, the sound progresses from more light and ethereal to more solid and focused across the spectrum. They're all among the most neutral headphones, so I'm not referring to tonal balance here, though the SR-L300 does happen to have a bit more of a bass hump, which can make electronic music more engaging. When I saw the sub-bass roll-off in the measurements before buying it, I was worried, but I'm glad to report that it did not sound rolled-off at all with the vast majority of recordings.
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    Which amp were you using?
  13. Music Alchemist
    SR-L300: SRM-252S
    SR-207: SRM-212
    SR-Lambda: SRD-6SB + Kenwood KR-720
    SR-30: SRD-4 + Lepai LP-2020A+ (also SRM-212)

  14. wuwhere Contributor
    Just curious. I wonder how they would sound with a KG amp.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2017
  15. DJ The Rocket
    Thanks, that's exactly the kind of experience I was hoping someone would share! Since I've never heard anyone say otherwise it sounds like the L-hundred line is the one I want to go for!

    I bet now that I'm focused on it I will be able to search for more comparisons between the L300 and L500, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't post post one here if you know both of them!

    I wonder if the L700 isn't enough of an upgrade to warrant selling other headphones that i love now but would become redundant once I had a pair of those.... :D

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