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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. CactusPete23
    Thanks !
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  2. Thearcade12
    I tried the mod by grabbing the installer zip from the instructions. It didn't work for me for some reason. After installing the mod my hi-fi switch stopped working. It was completely off and no matter what even if i turn it on it showed absolutely no effect on sound. Usually after switching on hi-fi sound gets a nice volume boost but that didn't happen after installing the mod.

    I uninstalled the mod after by grabbing the uninstaller zip and now hi-fi button started working again.

    Bad luck i guess.
  3. lantian
    As I see everything with rooted acces is a luck game sometimes, especially with beta software. The hifi switch is definetly working for me, only thing that is not is Dolby(never used it anyway), though that was to be expected after all no other sound mod will work with this mod unless you get one custom made with compatability for this in mind.
  4. lxlx
    That mod did not work for me well on Axon7 rooted. Refresh ROM done.
  5. Meshail
    Hello, right now I have to choose between getting an LG v20 (used like new) or opus#1 DAP , my question is , is there a huge difference in sound quality & ability to drive headphones to their best results ? , my headphones are sennhieser HD 598 SE 50 ohm , the thing is if the difference is not huge then I might go for a complete package phone than just the DAP but if the SQ imaging layering resolution is better on the dap then dap it is , any body experienced both?
  6. artpiggo
    My Opinion
    SQ only Opus 1 wins by fairly huge on every aspect: soundstage, layering, controlled mid bass, warmness and euphonic vocal and deep bass. V20 might be better on upper mid to treble for me.
    V20 might be around fiio x3iii level.

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  7. lxlx
    Tidal and CapTune offer 90 day hifi abo for free.
    Register with payment details, no charge. Cancel subscription immediately and abo will end in 90 days.
  8. wazzupi
    how do u get the 90 day ? it says 30.
  9. Luiz Santana
    Hi, is the LG V20 still a good deal nowadays? Is there a lot of difference between V20 and Plenue D? I have a PD.
  10. artpiggo
    Still good deal under $300.

    Never try PD but it is on par with fiio x3iii series
  11. spinrite
    I’ve tested a lot of different smartphones and i have to say the Iphone 8 plus has the best output detailed sound.
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  12. alota
    thanks. you´ve tried smartphones with ess dac?
  13. Thearcade12
    So today i gave it another try out of random. This time i got success after little trial and error. It seems like my systemless supersu was the culprit. After uninstalling it did work and my god i am blown away by the improvement this mod can offer. Seriously it's like i made an upgrade in terms of sound quality. The dac is giving a much more linear frequency response. Previously there used to be some graininess in treble. Vocals was not that clear too as there was some sibilance but this mod removed all that. Overall i am noticing much more details in the songs which previously i have to listen carefully to notice even and my favorite songs are now much more pleasant to listen to and much more musical sounding. In dac section i can say improvement is about 25-30% and 15-20% in amp section because it's louder then before. This means i can now listen at lower volume with better details. Really good for my ears and yes dolby switch is still not working as you stated but i didn't care about dolby even in phones that didn't have any dac that i used to own few years back and dolby is worthless for earphones anyway.

    I recommend this mod 100% to every audiophile who is using his smartphone for music listening purposes. Btw where did you got the info from i mean in terms of oversampling and all, i tried to find what exactly this mod does but could not find any info on that thread.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
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  14. lantian
    The mods creator was talking about it and originally found it, from a old article whre there was still a seperate version for some oem's. It was advertised as direct acces to dac without android messing anything up, the idea behind ist is to give bit perfect playback on your phone without any software alterations to the pcm signal. Happy you got it to work. Here is a quete i found on quick google search about it in the early days:"This is where developer UltraM8’s Ainur NERO audio mod comes into play. UltraM8 has skipped past hijacking the audio signal with equalizers and gone straight to removing the entire standard Android audio API, the part of your phone’s software which dictates how audio processing is handled. This means that after flashing NERO, sound will be pushed directly to your phone’s digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which will greatly amplify audio quality and even the output volume."
    I went back to poweramp 702. though now it only has acces to ess dac trough high res. stuck in that mode and I could not be happier. In the newer builds dvc was causing a lot of distortion.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  15. Thearcade12
    Nice to know that such type of mod exist with real world benefit. Actually the improvement is even greater in the dac part more like 35-40% i must say then the amp part. Yesterday i truly felt that i have reached the stage of nirvana.

    I used to have poweramp when i had lenovo vibe x3 because it promised direct access to dac but real world benefit was rather unimpressive for me at least. I am a streaming guy mainly as i don't have any huge collection of music to begin with. I only keep some hi-res classics in my phone and that's it.

    Btw i really miss the x3 sound these days especially the kind of sub bass and treble it provided. Only issue was the lack of soundstage which i found majorly lacking and some mid bass perhaps. Else it would have been a perfect device.
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