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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. Chrisrd
    So does the LG G8s have the same quad dac as the regular G8?, I was under the impression that it was a watered down version and it didn't have that feature.
  2. Chris Kaoss
    It doesn't.
  3. alen5
    Just bought and tested the LG G8s with USB Audio Player PRO, FLAC etc, it is worse than my old Samsung S6 and my new Xiaomi Pocophone F1, and 8 year old defect sound card on PC, even with DAC/AMP
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  4. Chris Kaoss
    I've told you. :wink:

    There're 2 options now.

    Sell all your phones and buy Lg V40/50.
    Get an ES100 to boost your satisfaction for mobile and stationary listening with your crappy PC sound. :beyersmile:

    But keep in mind that a high volume level isn't equal to sound quality.
  5. alen5
    but any USC DAC better, and new PC with motherboard too.
  6. alen5
    LG phone camera bad and expensive just any usb dac/amp better :beyersmile:
  7. Chris Kaoss
    But the convenience of such small devices like the ES100 is much higher.
    Its all about your needs, at least. :wink:
  8. Chris Kaoss
    I doubt this.
    I've bought V30 for the quality of sound, to drive my fav headphones and for the convenience not to carry several devices.
    There's no Usb-dac to compete w/ LG's Quad-Dac out there, except battery powered ones.
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  9. brianforever
    I have owned the Le Max 2 for the last 2 years and I must say, combined with the original CDLA Earbuds that emits a glowy Led light are truly out of this world !
    You have to hear it to believe it, it's a true Hi-fi enthusiasts wet dream :)

    Overall clarity of the audio is way beyond my expectations. The lows, highs and mids are distinctly separated, having trebles that's more evident that the bass, but with some EQ tuning and other add ins on the rooted device, the world for audiophiles is customisable...
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2019
  10. sh0bo
    Hello, from what I understand, no head phone jack phones have to get theire digital signal converted with the dongle dac jack adapter.

    That said, does anyone tryed razer phone 2 dongle audio quality? What does it give aside references such as LG's quad dac and vivo xplay 6, Nex s?

    Any news about dongle release?

    I am worried to spend a lot to get a "audiophile" phone again to replace my died v20 which was not bad in audio but was to bright to my taste, considering theire prices of those phones especially if it is possible do plug a premium dongle dac on any smartphone which means now having more choice between the phone of the market.

  11. Chris Kaoss
    It depends on the headphones you want do drive with it, i think.
    For low impedance high sensitive iems, ibasso do a good job with the DC02.

    If you want to drive more power hungry headphones, there's nothing as conveniened as a LG V-Series Phone with its build in amp.

    Its up to you now. :)
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  12. cenix
    I still have the LG V30 and I have the option to upgrade in a couple months. Are the V50 or G8 a real improvement over the V30 in terms of SQ? I believe that all other specs are the same, regarding the Quad DAC etc. At the moment, I don't think that an update is needed, unless someone else can tell me that the V50 or G8 is substantially better when it comes to DAC + SQ.
  13. lior777
    hey, i was the meizu 4 mx pro and love the SQ! but is broken.
    search for same SQ und up for a new dap (no need online stream) with warm, detailed for musical instruments&voacle male until 350$ ?
  14. artpiggo
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  15. artpiggo
    @wwyjoe Can you answer this?
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