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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. wolfxomg
    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers. I thank you all for lots of information in this thread, I bought myself a new LG V30 and I'm very much pleased with it, I had put my impressions in the V30 thread here, hope it helps.

    Wish you all a very Happy New year :darthsmile:
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  2. Thearcade12
    Vivo Nex S at $450.. worth it in 2019, what do you guys think?


    This price is valid only if I exchange my old Le Max.
    It does have Low PPI and Funtouch OS but also a better DAC then what LG has.. :thinking:
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  3. artpiggo
    Very good deal, I believe.
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  4. TheUnknow
    Maybe Vivo is waiting for 5G to release an hypotetical Xplay 7 ...
  5. lxlx
    I love my versatile shanling m0.
    I was looking for years to find the perfect smartphone match of my taste AND audio jack. Did not work out.
    M0 enables standalone or Bluetooth or USB DAC with excellent Ess Sabre ES 9218P.
    I use it
    - standalone on the mtb
    - DAC Bluetooth in the public transport with xiaomi m6 (smartphone without cable, ilike actually)
    - DAC USB at work with PC and big cans
    - DAC Bluetooth in the car and aux in,(much better than car Bluetooth)
    So versatile , check.
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  6. artpiggo
    vivo apex 2019 has been announced!

    This 24th Jan

  7. lorenzosd
    Hi , recently got a LG G7 to replace my old HTC 10 because of the 50 Ohm limit I got a pair Soundmagic E80c but would like some nice cans around $200 range thought about the Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80 ohms they're at a good price on Amazon. I'm no Audiophile I like bass but I'm at a loss here with the HTC it was simple I had a pair of ATH-M50 and they are great but not wit the G7 mobility isn't an issue so what should I get? Help much appreciated.
  8. artpiggo
    Sen HD6xx
  9. archy121
    Fidelio X2 - great fun and very musical sound. Good balance between audiophile and fun.
    Good bass that’s not over interfering.
    Easy to drive from any phone even though it has huge 50mm drivers (32 ohm I think).
    Very comfortable for long listening times.
    -Not for Outdoors as big.
    Fidelio L2 is slightly smaller with 40mm drivers and can be worn outside - also award winner.
    Can be had cheap. Check threads.

    Sen HDxx Audiophile sound that is very lacking bass to none audiophile ears. Not as easy to drive.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  10. lorenzosd
  11. Fapandeggs
    I am looking for lighweight audiophile smartphone, is there anything as good as V30 but lighter weight?
  12. archy121
    Ahh I see. LG V30 is very light weight .. well next to my iPhone XS Haha. It’s not big as latest LG G series.
    It’s very thin, light and easy to use with one hand. Buy it cheap used from Ebay.

    Anything smaller and better audio ? I don’t think so especially if you want to use Tidal service in future with MQA HiFi sound streaming. Only this phone that can do that. Not many top DACs can do the job so well.
    For this reason I have an iPhone XS MAX as my smartphone and the LG V30 as a dedicated DAP - no sim.
    Also I don’t trust android with any privacy.

    You could buy cheap and very small sized DAP such as Shangling M0 and keep your current phone ?
  13. artpiggo
    Dont think it can be any lighter.
  14. bjork82
    My Lenovo Vibe X3 sounds amazing with Poweramp with Lenovo HiFi API turned on in HiRes option. Only neutron player comes close in terms of sound quality.
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