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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. artpiggo
    Anything with LDAC is same. So I recommend S9 as it has better overall camera.
  2. 10DeeQ
    Oh ok
    Does iphone xs have LDAC ?

    And what about sony’s DSEE HX and Hi Res Audio thingy ? They don’t make a differences?
  3. artpiggo
    Iphone no LDAC.

    DSEE HX is just upscaling for mp3, not helping that much imo.
  4. 10DeeQ
    Oh ok thx for the info
  5. Azzbreaker
    Hello guys, long time didn't typed. Well upgraded my hardware, from meizu pro 5 to the V30+ and iam dssappointed. Meizu pro 5 playing louder, quality same or pro 5 is better. Maybe better because impact from pro 5 is way better, since it is more powerful. Since i love drum and bass so much, damn how could i listed "Jade - Tv Says" without impact? I need a way how to improve LG V30+ sound quality and power without any jack's, only via software.
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  6. Pakalini
    Exact same thoughts on lg v30+, comming from zte axon mini 2016, that was very impactful with Dolby Atmos :) I think we need aggressive V shaped earbuds/headphones to get more satisfaction. Gonna buy iBasso IT01 earbuds.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  7. Azzbreaker
    Looks like not :) Give to me abit time ... looks like i found how to enable true amp power at the low ohm mode. Most of peoples in the web made wrong changes in mixer_paths_tavil.xml.
  8. Azzbreaker
    who have already rooted V30, lets check, find mixer_paths_tavil.xml could be in system/etc, if not then vendor/etc.

    Inside of it find
    <!-- ESS DAC START -->
    there will be
    <path name="headphones-hifi-dac">
    and then look on <ctl name="Es9018 HEADSET TYPE" value="1" /> ... value should be changed to 2, like i understood it is impedance mode, can be changed to the 3, looks like it is AUX mode will be at the low impedance headphones.

    Maybe i'am listened to much music today and my ears joking on me ... but i really feel big difference now in power and quality. If someone used Whiskeyomega mod from xda, i think better to bring back stock mixer_paths_tavil.xml, since his modes only make gains higher. Maybe iam wrong, lets check together.
  9. bencherian
  10. mindblownDt48
    I was wondering if meizu mx5 is the same as pro 5 in regards of the sound q
  11. ldo77
    I think there's no DAC in the mx5
  12. Pakalini
    I'm not rooted yet :xf_eek: tho my lg earphones got a nice burn in now they sound better lol. BTW which ROM did u use?
  13. mindblownDt48
    You mean no quality dac... aight
  14. lxlx
    what else?
  15. Azzbreaker
    stock one ... with oreo.
    there is no ess dac for sure.
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