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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. artpiggo
    Meizu does not support native DSD.
  2. Thearcade12
    I am comparing MQA Tidal with non MQA Tidal. As you may know that i am a streaming only guy. I think audiophile phones and streaming services is a saviour for us music lovers. I discover new music every day. Recently i heard Christine and the Queens's Chaleur Humaine and i still have goosebumps :)
  3. cj3209
    That is good stuff. Thx for posting.
  4. henrywil
    That's explain what happened

    Do you know hardware volume control fix for LG Hifi Plus in Neutron, UAPP was intuitive enough to know the problem with this DAC and inform me to enable hardware volume control
  5. Auxillium
    I feel hyped about LG's upcoming G7 one. IPS panel, single camera, SD835, but on Android One, so updates should be quick. Hopefully it's priced around 400-500usd though.
  6. rantrile
    I have got currently UE 900s and MEE's M-Duo (most of the time I'm using the M-Duo as I'm basshead).

    I absolutely don't like the sound I'm getting from my Exynos (and I kinda liked the sound I'm getting from my ASUS sub-100$ model). With Dolby applied it is still far from good. Viper4A - still far from good. Via Fiio's BTR 1 using aptX the sound is good, so the DAC&AMP is clearly subpar (ok, maybe not a total disaster, but 1-2 steps behind of what BTR 1 can get out of the music via the Bluetooth.)

    However, with Bongiovi (God Bless them) I can get a decent quality. And when I apply Viper on top of that, I can actually enjoy listening.

    Shout out: Common, no one has tried Bongiovi on their phone!? Why to spend $ to upgrade phone, DAC and IEM if you can get better quality merely via the software?! Please try it with your smartphone today and post the impression here.

    It takes exactly 1 minute to do it: Download JetAudio. Start playing your favorite song. Go to Sound Effects, select Bongiovi, select Phoenix Headphones profile and hit that damn big B button. That's all! Once the B button faded back, it means you hit it again for more 20-30 seconds of evaluation of the DSP.
  7. garysohn
    A month ago Tidal had a playlist purporting to be the music popular with young people ( teenagers) in South Africa. I spent some of the evening checking it out. Ultimately I just did not care for almost all of it, but what is important is that Tidal afforded me the opportunity to explore. I don't have Roon, but there were brief informational biographies or other artist info. I have done the same with other genres. I can sometimes hear that a selection is in MQA, but ultimately what counts is initial recording quality. "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." Apparently MQA has been remastered (?) with regard to what was intended by the original artist, mixer and/or engineer. I like MQA, but it is not the "end all, be all".
  8. _mouse_
    I'm in trouble....I've found a vivo xplay 128gb for around 250€, but....a LG v30+ iits possible to find for 350€....for a all day use the audio side is so different to justify a 2016 vs 2018 phone? My items are the fiio fh5
  9. kutulu32
    You found vivo xplay 6 in europe? (Because you use euro price)I recommend you to take it and use it only for audio like i do with my mx4 pro.
  10. kutulu32
    When i use my s7 with my ie8 i experiment with the parametric eq in UAPP . in general i dont like eq i prefer flat sound especially with my hd600 . Ie8 needs some tweaking to shine though.
  11. WhoIsThis
    So you are saying Meizu has declined in terms of audio quality with their transition to Qualcomm chips?

    Are you saying phones like the Vivo Nex S are the best audio phones outside of USB DACs?
  12. singledot02
    has anyone tried to pair the RHA CL1 to LG v30? - how is it guys?
  13. Thearcade12
    I can understand, MQA of poor recordings will not sound good automatically. I also saw it on their homepage that MQA is a compression technique to reduce the size of original recordings.
  14. artpiggo
    It's LG or vivo. depend on what sound style you like.
  15. headphones1999
    hey guys, fast question(s)

    i have heard the Iphone 8+ with my MH334 (with the dongle ofc) and it sounded bad imo.

    which make me wonder, does the pixel2 usb-c dongle would sound any better?
    and how the google dongle sounds compare to the LG V30?
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