Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2018)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. minhdelsol
    any of you that owns either a V20 or G6, how do they fare with high impedance like the HD 600. I'm going to travel around in the coming months and I'm thinking of either upgrading my pro 5 or get a low impedance headphone.
  2. Martynhaldz
  3. RicardoB
    V20 drives my HD650....on a properly mastered track I can go 60 out of 75 and it's really loud....G6 should at least be the's still a mobile device and dedicated setup will drive those cans better but it still sounds dam good, I think it maybe better to get something low impedance like Philips SHP9500 or others for cheap instead of buying a whole other phone but whichever is better for you.
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  4. minhdelsol
    I don't expect it to be as good as a full setup I got at home just some proper drive would be nice but yeah I also think it's better to go for low impedance cans as I have one in my rn. Thanks for the advise
  5. Martynhaldz
    May i know what kind of adapter are you using for G6 to improve sq?
  6. Gavern
    Hi, looking to get the ZTE Axon 7. Just checking to see what you guys think about it and if there's any other alternative? Cheers!
  7. RedSky0
    I'm happy with the sound and the hardware, screen is great, battery holds up pretty well given screen and specs. There's various software issues whether you go stock (aggressive power saving that kills some background apps) or Lineage OS (calls answered as speakerphone by default, have to double tap speakerphone each time I make/receive a call - should be fixed soon). Nothing deal breaking for me.
  8. lxlx
    ad Axon 7 Rom, I am happy with Stock lite ROM from xda. No flaws here.
  9. Gavern
    Thanks! Anyone tried the Vivo V7+ yet? Looks promising for audio too despite some hardware flaws...
  10. Ryland Johnson
    LG V20 or V30. Quad DAC's. I generally dislike LG smartphones but one cannot argue they produce a very decent sounding smartphone.

    Have you thought of purchasing the iPhone SE, now going very cheaply, and adding an external DAC-AMP?

    There are other cheap mobiles one can use as purely a source of music then add an external DAC-Amp.

    I think you need to literally list your mobile prioritise then see whats about. Took me over 12 months to find the right combination to fit my music needs. Been one heck of a trip! Is music your number one priority? Take it from there. Let us know what you think.

  11. artpiggo
    Dont buy vivo V series. It is just a low spec overall in $300 for international. Not worth it at all cost.

    If you want to use vivo, go for only x or xplay series. If LTE is not compatible, you should go for another brand.
  12. Gavern
    Thanks. I'm currently still using a Samsung S5, looking for an upgrade with a better performance, camera and audio quality. Mainly listening on Apple Music now with the Vsonic VSD5. Don't want the bulk of a phone+external DAC-Amp. How about the XiaoMi Mi Note 2? The phone performance and amp looks good, but haven't seen much talk about the DAC and audio quality in general. So currently within my budget, the choices are ZTE Axon 7, LG V20, XiaoMi A1, XiaoMi Mi Note 2...

    *Added XiaoMi Mi Note 2
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  13. Arunabha Lahiri
    I own a mi a1. The headphone o/p is loud but to my ears is a bit harsh. My headphones are soundmagic e10c, sennheiser hd 598 and apple earpods. The mi a1 can drive the 598 no problem while the ipod nano 7th gen generally struggles with it. But to my ears the ipod sounds more pleasant and warm.
  14. Gavern
    Just checked out the Meizu Pro 7. Looking like a good choice. Reasonable price too. Anyone using it?
  15. Ryland Johnson
    No brainer. The LG V20. Enjoy.

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