Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2018)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. ZeVioleLesLits
    Anyone got the Axon 7? Really interested about any opinion on its SQ through headphones.
  2. artpiggo
    Most likely a different taste. Pro5 has more organic sound with euphonic vocal than V20, but there is less treble extension compare to V20.

    Letv x900 has more handful impact and deep bass than V20. With V-Shape signature making sound more lively and catchy. while V20 is better in vocal smoothness and fullness.
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  3. Thearcade12
    That's nice but since i prefer streaming, rarely use my phone's music app. On the other hand, mod is system wide effect rather than confining to a single app.

    One more thing that i noticed, if i use my cheapo dynamic iem i find that i like the default akg tuning better. It's only when i use some quality gear i find that no something is not right with that tuning. I suddenly start noticing grainy treble. It's not pleasent to listen, to say the least. It also masks all the details behind that crazy bass. Vocals sound thin and muffled. Akg must be targeting masses while tuning the le max. It's a fun sounding tuning and very easy to like to. On the other hand my previous phone vibe x3 was clearly tuned for details. It was a detail monster to the point that they compromised soundstage for that. Totally different target audience see.
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  4. artpiggo
    I see. That's a good point on having system-wide effect, not just for offline music playback. Happy that you enjoy the device. ^_^
  5. Thearcade12
    I totally love my current combination. Le max with sauron mod paired with flc8s. I am thankful to those who have guided me so far including you for the device and the other guy in this thread for that mod. You are doing a commendable job on this thread.
  6. daoxuat
    I used Sauron MK and sound very diffirent but not good compare with my untouch system. More bass, treble but less stage, detail. Then i use Ainur Nero, this mod disable audio offload to android DSP & delete SFX(put the sound directly to DAC), sound fkin amazing but you can't use EQ, recommend for who want to enjoy orginal sound.
  7. lxlx
    I think it's great, but I may not be the typical SQ comparing guy... as I have difficulties with better/worse even on Snapdragon vs hifiDAC comparisons on equalised volume on IEM.

    The phone is awesome, I downloaded a lite stock ROM but even original is now really good.
    Stereo speakers is always fun.
    And the earphone experience is terrific as far as my ears and IEMs can tell. Also, opamp easily drives my DT880/250.
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  8. RedSky0
    I'm really happy with the sound. Also owned the V20 briefly and while also detailed, I felt the sound was too clinical vs. the somewhat more V-shaped Axon 7 that I prefer.

    Both stock and custom ROMs for the Axon 7 have some annoying quirks but SQ-wise, I couldn't be happier. Price is also insanely cheap now.
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  9. ZeVioleLesLits
    Thanks a lot for your inputs lxlx and RedSky0.

    I saw it at 194 euros on Gearbest, didn't even think and straight ordered it. However, I started doubting a bit after.. I have some questions if you don't mind answering :

    -Some people say the dac only works with the stock music player. Is it true? And people complain about missing stuff on the stock music player, can you please confirm the ability to shuffle on the player?

    -I also purchased a Fiio q1. Do you think the sound quality will be superior than the q1?

    -Will there be any improvement if I amp it with Q1 or is it pointless?

    -Is it better to enable or disable dolby while listening to music?

    Thanks a lot.
  10. artpiggo
    - I think dac is working across all apps but you might not get so-called Hi-Fi DSP apart from stock music app. However, you should install Neutron Music Player and set up Hi-Res Setting as per my first post in this thread. If it works, it will be the purest sound this device can give to you. :wink:

    - While listening to music, please disable dolby.

    - Not sure on Fiio Q1 vs axon 7.
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  11. RicardoB
    I think the q1 through OTG connection will sound better, better treble, more airy and more power on high gain, you will need a USB type c to micro USB otg cable to activate the DAC inside the q1, other than the camera it was a very good device one of the best phones I've ever owned.....use Dolby with the speakers tho its really good.
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  12. lxlx
    Why do you think so, just curious?
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  13. RicardoB
    That the Q1 sounds better? It's not that the Axon was terrible I thought it was just ok...without Dolby it was just as powerful and kind of sounded similar to an iPhone 7plus just more details, when I put it next to a V10 on aux mode the v10 made my open back Philips come alive with better cleaner treble and a more dynamic sound with better separation and the amp was clearly stronger and the v20 is a little better just not as fun as v10, now I have a pair of HD650s with the V20 and in high impedance mode it sounds great but the Fiio on the same track was sounding even better but unfortunately I have to wait for another OTG cable to be delivered to really test them side by side, unfortunately none of my friends have the Axon so I can't test side by side but sometimes I guess it could also depend on which headphones and what the user likes to hear
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  14. lxlx
    fair enough, you've listened to it yourself :wink:
    Not all do who claim quality judgements sadly
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  15. ZeVioleLesLits
    Dude you're perfect!
    You own the v20, axon 7 and Q1!
    Edit : Wait, you don't have the Axon anymore? I'm lost xD

    I have some questions that are really important to me, I'm really sorry xD

    Right now, I have a leeco le pro 3 elite. Actually I'm quite satisfied with it. Audio quality is definitely not bad at all, but no headphone jack..
    I hesitated for a long time to buy a v20, but the price (300 euros) and possible bootloop issues = non go for me.
    Meanwhile, I have a zishan z1 that I use as a DAP and DAC for my computer, and I am pretty satisfied with it, but I'm able to see it' limits as a dap + obligation to carry it around all the time..
    So I decided to buy a fiio q1 for 50 euros. Can function as dac and amp, has a built-in battery, ability to use dac without draining smartphone's battery, very good battery life.
    But then.. I saw the Axon 7, and since I heard previously that it was excellent for music, I ordered it.
    It is still not too late to cancel the order, so I'm a bit confused.

    -Is the Axon 7 a good smartphone overall beside being a good music player?
    -Does the sound improve if I use the q1 to amp the Axon 7?
    -Would you recommend me to keep my smartphone + pair with q1, or axon 7 alone or with q1 amp?
    -Is there a sub 100 dollars DAP that sounds significantly better than the Axon 7 or is it not worth it?

    Once again thanks a lot for your answers, you people are really helping me.
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