BEST replacement tips for PFEs
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Apr 1, 2009
Well, after several months of the stock silicon tips driving me nuts (constantly coming detached from earphones, either when taking out of ears, or when loose), I have officially lost one and it is nowhere to be found while retracing my steps.

What would be the best replacement tips to buy?

My (obvious) criteria: fits the PFEs (and will stay put), good seal, comfort, etc.

Also, if come in multiple sizes, please advise what would be best for me to get: I've been using the largest size of the PFE silicon tips, which create a great seal, though could be a tad smaller if necessary (they do work their way out only occasionally if working out/much movement). The medium tips are definitely too small (crappy seal), as are the set of comply tips that came with the PFEs (roughly same size).

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