Best Rediscovered Albums
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 30, 2012
Let me ask you guys, what are some of your favorite albums that you now LOVE but didn't like when you first heard?

I had this exact moment today, listening to what is the final album from Precious Fathers, Alluvial Fan, I always loved the tone and flow of their first album and could never appreciate or really enjoy their second. This was back when I only had my DT 880 250/cMoy BB and Hm602 to listen with.

Fast forward now 4 years later, and I'm sitting down for the first time and really listening to the entire album from start to finish, with a KRK KNS 6400 and my M2s [an even cheaper system than what I started with] and I'm finding my self drawn into the variety of textures that this album offers! The tone an rhythm still aren't as pleasing as their original album, but rather... this second album presents a myriad of beautiful contrasting textures and elements. I still can't quite understand what stopped me from enjoying this in years past? An I'm curious as to what's changed that about my self, that I'm more drawn into the music than before. It's not even a matter of "upgrading" as I'd consider both systems to be equally resolving.

Non the less, back to my original question what are some of your favorite re-discovered albums? What didn't you like when you first heard it and what do you know love about it?
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Aug 21, 2017
Radiohead....all of them. Now I think ylthey are rather good.

Gary Davies

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