Best reasonably priced portable/small Tube Headphone Amp
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Nov 21, 2008
So been an audiophile for decades, and I would finally like to take a dive and hear the quality of a tube amp. I'm more of a main system audio guy and I'm happy with my home setup so my portable area would be the best candidate to fit in my desire to try out the sound quality of Tubes.

My general audio preference is warm, non fatiguing analog sound so I think I'd really like tube sound

My current Portable setup is pretty simple but already sounds good.

I use an LG V30 phone as my portable player. I use AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones.
The LG V30 has a high quality quad DAC

I'd prefer the tube amp to be under $200 if possible

I would prefer a portable rechargeable Tube amp just for size and convenience reasons but I'm open to other smaller tube amps. I do not want something that take up an entire table

I'd also prefer tone controls if possible on the unit.

I've done some research and can see I have a lot of choice but would like opinions of real people who have tried some models of small/portable headphone tube amps.
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