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Best Reasonably Priced Portable Amp..?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by averagewhiteboy, Aug 1, 2011.
  1. averagewhiteboy
    Hey guys,
    New to the forum. Long time browser.
    After much research, I picked up a set of Turbine Pro Gold's a few weeks ago.. I finally got the fitment issues fixed by picking u pa set of Comply tips, as none of the supplied tips stayed in my ears for extended periods without hurting.. I listen to my headphones often times for hours at a crack.. So comfort is a huge problem.. I also can't keep "adjusting" them in my ear while I'm moving around at work.. These helped nicely.. Regardless, these are great headphones..
    Now after having a truly great pair of IEM's (even backed by you guys at Head-Fi) I've noticed that my sound from my source is very important.. It used to be that my music sounded acceptable regardless, however with GOOD headphones, you can notice a song sounding truly bad at a lower bit rate.. So without bit rate being an issue here, I'd like to really boost my units output.. I knew nothing of portable amps for iPods and such until browsing on here, however like headphones, an amp is much more technical than going to the store and buying the one on sale..
    Having this said, here's what I'm looking for.. I'm active.. Not so much that I run marathons (as I don't), however I am always moving and doing stuff.. At work (done soon though..) I am a valet and shuttle driver.. I obviously don't use my headphones while driving the bus, however I do while valeting.. So I'm always in and out of cars, moving around and tangling cords, etc.. I am relocating to Los Angeles, and in this time, I will likely be doing a lot of walking and such, so I still need the amp to be portable..
    If you skipped all of that, I'm simply looking for a GOOD portable amp.. I don't need true professional top-notch quality, just something to really make my Turbine Pro's scream when I'm out and about.. But small and portable enough to not be a pain..
    This would "mainly" be used on my iPod Classic 160GB by the way..
    Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Mad Max
    Minibox-ES?  UHA-4?
    There's also the E11 and Icon Mobile.
    Read up on these.
  3. cosmicreality
    I've recently tried and LOVED the Electric Avenues PA2V2.  It's about $60, powerful (for IEM's), relatively small, and sound fantastic.  It's a very lively, punchy, and engaging sound signature.
    Another inexpensive amp highly recommended is the JDSLabs Cmoy.  It's also about $60 and is said to have a slightly more laid back sound to the PA2V2.
    Have fun!
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    E11 for $60 and its slim profile. A10 is comparable in terms of price and size, but I haven't heard that one.
  5. mroneto
    If you like bass (which I assume you do), then you should try the E11. However, I've never used MTPG, but the IEM's I use now are bass-oriented as well, and they sound great with a bit of bass boost.
  6. gelocks
  7. Revy
    I'd say go for E11. It should have great synergy with the MTPG, it's pretty cheap as well.
  8. Kezghan

    I can vouch for that synergy, They sound fantastic together. I recommend the E11.

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