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Best Prince Album ?

Discussion in 'Music' started by birdmanofct, Sep 15, 2015.
  1. BirdManOfCT
    What's your favorite Prince album?
    (yes, I did a search first)
    I've heard bits and pieces of Prince's stuff, but not a whole lot. I know that a lot of musicians respect him ... partially because he's written so much of their music!
    Since his music was a big part of my youth I am partial to his early music. I like most of his stuff, but Dirty Mind and 1999 are my two favorite albums by Price. I think that they embody the ground breaking originality and feeling of the music. Before Prince you had Greats like Chuck Berry and James Brown, but Price to the genre to an new place and a new level it had not been to before. The guy is a genius.
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  3. BirdManOfCT

  4. Time Diver
    I like "when doves cry" and his screams in the second half of the song. He released too many albums of mediocre quality during the 90's just to free himself from a contract.
    I agree about the quality and volumn of material he put out to get out from under that deal. Funny that some of his best known stuff is from that sub par stock. I have to check out some of his recent material. It has been many years since I stopped listening to his new releases.
    Any recommendations on material done in the last ten years?
  6. Time Diver
    Sorry I can't help you with that, all I know is from Wikipedia. Many people compare Prince to Michael Jackson so I had to check Wikipedia and I found out he released too many Albums, I lost some respect for the guy. Michael also wanted to free himself from a contract but he had respect for his fans and didn't release something of a mediocre quality. All I know about prince is the song "when doves cry" and sadly one cannot find it in YouTube which is not cool at all. "speechless" by Michael Jackson is on par with "when doves cry" if not better. Perhaps in the future I will look into Prince's Albums but the star of my childhood years was Michael Jackson, may his soul rest in peace.

  7. bonuz
    I personally love Prince - 3121
  8. JuanseAmador
    Wasn't Purple Rain regarded as the absolute best?
  9. FalconP
    The "Love Symbol" album is my fave.  It is so rich and satisfying to listen to.

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