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Best portables for $50

  1. amundy14
    I'm looking for some headphones under $50, portable headphones especially. I've been searching for some time and have found a number of options, but I would like some better advice. I listen to a broad diversity of music, so the headphones need to be all-around performers. I also live in Africa, so the headphones need to be able to take a beating. I have no headphone amp, but if the headphones are cheap enough I could get an amp.
    For design I've been looking at stuff like the Sennheiser HD 238 or the JVC HA-S600, but I'm not sure about the sound quality of either of these.
  2. SpringBiscuit
    Personally i will recommend Koss portapro, portable design with heavy durable build, can be consider best for buck. 
  3. JK1
    Imo the JVC HA-S160 sounds much better than the Portapro, and almost as good as the Sennheiser PX100. The Sennheiser PX100II costs around 4-6X the price of the PX100II in the US.
    The JVC HA-S600 is much larger than the HA-S160. It isolates better, however due to its much larger size and the fact it is closed, it will make your ears overheat much more. The HA-S600 might not be bad used indoors with the air conditioning on, but don't plan to use it outside in the heat. For the hot weather, something open like the PX100II is most comfortable.
  4. amundy14
    Two remaining questions then: What is the sound quality like on the HA-S600? and What's the difference between the PX 100, PX 100 II, and the PX 200?
  5. JK1
    The HA-S600 has a warm balance and is dark sounding. After extensive burn in(a huge number of hours) my HA-S600 now sounds much more neutral than it did. It  still sounds a bit warm though. The biggest difference between the PX100II and the PX100 is that the PX100II has a single entry cord, while the PX100 has a cord on both sides. The PX100 has slightly more detail than the PX100II but slightly less bass. Overall the PX100II seems sturdier, but many prefer the sound of the PX100 to that of the PX100II. The PX200 is closed, so it is completely different than the PX100. The PX200II has sound that is much more neutral sounding than the PX100 and PX100II. The PX100 and PX100II have a very warm sound. Some feel they are treble deficient. Some love the warm sound and suppressed treble(especially those who are treble sensitive).
  6. amundy14
    Thanks guys, I ended up with the PX 200. Love the things.

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