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Apr 26, 2010
Hey! I am new to this site, and I am interested in starting a small collection of source units.

I am not going to be using these as my everyday players, but more of a nostalgia type of thing. I also like the physical design of past eras, and collect a lot of electronics that can inspire me.

Anyway, I am wondering what the best portable MiniDisc players would be? I am looking for the best recorder, and the best player.

I am not entirely interested in it having all the NET-MD stuff, but HI-MD does seem interesting if they made a top notch overall unit.

Years, ago I had a blue Sharp MD recorder that I loved. At the time I am pretty sure it was the best recorder available.

I might go for one of these again if no suggestion beats it out.

As for standalone players, I guess size/sound quality/and design are king. Any suggestions?
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The player equivalent of the DR7 was the DS8. I have read a few reviews that say it offers slightly improved sound over its recorder cousin. Also, the following year's models were the DR80 and DS70. Those may be even better. I honestly have not heard any these units personally, though I do own a Sharp Auvi bookshelf stereo (SD-SG11) and I LOVE it.

A lot of people were fond of Kenwoods "clear digital amp" players
MD Community Page: Kenwood DMC-S55/S77

...but personally, I owned a Kenwood S55, and it was not to my liking. The sound seemed thin compared to my Sony portables, and I did not seem to always get true gapless playback with it, unlike my other MD players.

Have you looked into Hi-MD at all? You may want to.

Sorry I didn't really make a suggestion based on personal experience, but at least I was able to offer a negative.
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Thanks for the reply.

I checked all of the models you brought up & I will reply to them individually.

The DS8 isn't bad at all, but I prefer the design on the "next generation" model you listed more—the DS70.


That red color is nice and unique.

The DS80 recorder, I didn't like however. It doesn't have any LCD screen on the player itself, and is more centered around NET MD use.

As for the Kenwood S55, I think it looks horrendous. It might sound nice, but like I said originally its not going to be my everyday player. While sound quality is important, having both good looks & sound is a must.

As for Hi-MD, which models would you suggest? I took a look at the Sony ones on MD Community. This one looks ok, but honestly its not that as sexy as the Sharp MDLP units.


So the question is, do these Sony HI-MD offer better sound/recording than the Sharp players or is it just the added functionality of HI-MD that makes it desirable?

Thanks for geeking out with me about MD players
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Well, I admit that I have a very specific aesthetic that I like.

For Sony, one thing that mars all their design is that god-awful alien walkman logo. I really hate that, so thats one thing they all have to overcome.

Some of the Sony recorders that I like are before that era, and have the classic MD logo on them. But these are probably all outdated in terms of skip resistance, sound quality, and features. From a design standpoint, I might still colllect a few of those older Sonys.

I will go search for the images on the ones I like and edit this post with them.




As you can see I don't like the sleekest looking ones. I like the ones that bring back that late 80s, early 90s look. That MD Walkman logo is awesome though.
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Ahh, yes. The good old R30. pretty slick. Have you ever checked out the Sharp MT190/200 or 770?


The 190/200 seems to have that '90s aethetic you dig, and the headphone amp was one of Sharp's most powerful in that era.


And he 770 is just neat. Always thought those were some of the coolest looking MD players. I always wanted one.
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The R55 wasn't very good IMO. I have a Denon DMP-R50 which kills, the headphone output is great on it (and super loud).
I like my Aiwa as well. I think as far as MDLP stuff though the Auvi units were regarded as some of the best.
I've never listened to them or the new Kenwoods though.


I've sold the MZ-R910 though (I still have the box though, I need it to send it to the person who bought it haha)
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Best of the older generation MD's goes to the Sharp MD MT888 (pictured above). It has one of the best digital amplifiers built-in I've ever heard. Just gorgeous lush sound. It's soooo good I've got a few of these now. None have failed. A USB net version also exists - this one joined my battery of MD players a while back. It's really useful for net loading, but rather ugly compared to the slim line version above.

The Sony MZ-RH1 is the most versatile MD and Hi-MD player - period. Definitely the cult classic 2006 return of the 'MD player' star. There was a limited edition silver one worth getting. The MZ-NH1 is just as beautiful in its only sexy silver dress, lacking only a few of the RH1's functions.

As long as you get a later generation (>2000) mini-disc, the quality will strip away the iPod and MP3 players to reveal the crud within. But an early MD player, and it could be hit and miss. Some of the Sharp MT models and the earlier Sony ones are exceptional for sound quality (digital amp that is) but the best ones are already pictured above.
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Core Sound, who make stealth mics, like the MZ-R900 recorder best, if you're looking to record stuff live.
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Originally Posted by Pageygeeza /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I still have my R-30.

Timeless: Love both those models, you could probably put the thin one in the frontloader. I take it the monster one is a first gen unit?

Looks like a first gen MZ-1 and a circa-2002 netMD (an MZ-N10 I think)

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