Best Portable DAP based on Sound Quality under $700
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Aug 9, 2014
I am looking for a portable dap under 700 dollars. I don't really care about battery life or storage space or UI. I really only care about the Sound Quality and Sound related aspects. I also don't want to have to use an amp. I use Fidelio X2's but may consider getting HD650's to use with balanced modes.
Some players I am considering
Cayin N6
Fiio X3ii or X5ii
Pono Player 
A&K Jr.
Other recommendation would be appreciated
Thanks in advance!!!
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of course....

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used 901
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Those will all sound good.
My vote is for ponoplayer because it's the only one I've heard for myself and it's impressive, even unbalanced.  Pure sound quality, no frills, no messing around.
The separate boards + the good DAC + the zero-feedback DAC to analog section + the discreet power along the analog board + the lack of radios and sensors make the pono sound amazing.
Add the easily upgradeable battery and the awesome shape and its a winner. My favorite product in many years.
Add that the ponomusic store guarantees their files are the highest quality available or you will be upgraded for free, it's freakin awesome.
Now they just have to stay in business!  Buy a pono, save the world :wink:
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i owned fiio x3, sony nwz a15, cowon x9, did listen to fiio x5, ibasso dx50 and dx90 and i own hisound studio 3rd... from those i would say hisound studio sounds the best... nwz a15 would be my second choice, but only with earbuds or easy to drive headphones... it lacks output power to drive bass properly on more demanding headphones... maybe you could also wait for october for new nw-zx100 from sony.. but i guess it will be the same as a15 sound and power-wise

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