Best portable amp for the new Tin Hifi P1 IEM?
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Nov 13, 2005
I just ordered the new planar IEM from Tin Hifi. It seems to be very demanding on the amp to drive it. Would it be wise to buy an amp with a balanced output? For instance the FiiO Q1 Mark II? (My best DAP, a Pioneer XDP-100R struggles with my IEMs already!) My most reliable amp is a FiiO A5.
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I prefer amps with a battery and a volume pot.
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Hi, also looking for a portable DAC/amp for my P1 and Obravo Cupids. The E1DA solutions not quite portable and don´t process DSD tracks, so a no-go for me. Also considering Topping NX4 DSD, almost the ideal solution for my needs but no Balanced Output.
what would you guys recommend around 150-200$, portable solution, with ample power and both Balanced and SE outputs to drive the P1s? I don´t care about BT, just wired solutions. TIA
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I would define this as portable . posted this in the E1Da Thread
You can plug it on the back of everything .. lasted 4hours 45 minutes on the back of a hiby r3 with tin hifi p1 running
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I have the P1 and can say from experience that the ifi xCAN is a great mate for it. I found it to have plenty of power for the P1 and well beyond it but maintains a noise floor that is dead quiet on the P1 when nothing is playing.

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Probably need something powerful like the Apogee Groove. But that isn't battery powered either.
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As I never had a tube amp in any hifi rig I bought a Nobsound Little Bear B4-X made by Douk Audio for the P1. And it delivered: Power galore, even my weak Pioneer XPD-100 DAP now can be used with earshattering levels. Even combined with my cheapo Hidizs Sonata DAC-cable it sounds great. (But of course it helped considerably with the sound signature to find good fitting tips (I have bags and bags of all the different tips). With silikon tips I did not get a good tight fit for a good bass response (only when pushing them in a little bit with my fingers, but this is no solution of course). Short foamies were better but the best bass I get using relatively long foam tips (I do not know any more, where I got them from).
After a few hours of listening to the B4-X I did not run into any hiss or interference problems. It is dead silent when it receives no signal. And because it is no "real" tube amp it does not get warmer that much over time.
My only bigger complaint is the short playing time of only some 4 hours. Worse even, it can only be charged with a dedicated charger, no usb connector for smartphone chargers. And it can only play music or get charged not both.
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Not really: First of all it is far too heavy and "big" for mobile usage for me. But more important: The USB connector drives my nuts! Why on earth did they choose a male USB A connector. I have several cables and all do not get a tight fight for reliable usage. And I do not like their input relais. Sometimes it does not find my USB device, seldomly it works on the AUX setting. But at least it can play loud enough for me (I must have made something wrong in the beginning and was not contented with its maximum power for the T1.)
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Sorry, I overlooked the "plus". But as a mere amp I will stay with my FiiO A5 for the Tin Hifi P1 or the Fiio Q1 II for my other "normal" IEMs (If I do not take my naked phone and add my Huawei CM21, which has the bonus of a volume knob sort of).
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Just got in the B4-x these little Raytheons slam good. With a nice soothing glow to them. My worry is what to do when the tubes eventually burn out. Finding Ratheon 5899 for one thing and replacing them as they are soldered. However this is a great sounding little amp. Keeps pace with my little dot mk2. So far im finding Raytheon drive tubes kick major butt. My favorite tubes so far in the little dot are Raytheon. So far even though my phone is close to the amp, Im not picking up any noise from the wifi/4g. Bass slams nice, highs are surprisingly sharp, feathery but sharp. Mids depends on the track. Big Maybelle is sharper than Lacuna Coil, or Tina Turner. So far this is shaping up to be a great mobile tube amp. More I listen to tubes.... more I think they kick that crap out of transistor or IC. Plus it doesnt get very warm. A surprise packing two pentodes.
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Why don't you line out from your Pioneer XDP-100R to your A5? I think it can drive P1 without any issue!

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