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Best portable amp for HD25-1's

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bunsco, Mar 2, 2008.
  1. bunsco
    Hi all

    Wanna know what portable amp has the best synergy with the Senn HD25-1's.

    currently using the RSA Tomahawk which is very nice - but I wonder if there is an even better HD25/amp combo out there? taking the holy trinity of variables into account: portability/SQ/battery life.

    thanx for any imput.
  2. bunsco
    awww someone shurely - bad pun sorry
  3. acegazda
    This is the wrong forum, that's why you're not getting replies. We have a dedicated amps forum. You should try there.
  4. Spiritboxer Contributor
    Sounds great with a Hornet M but my experience with other hi-end portables is nonexistant.
  5. thekid22
    i find that hte HD25-1s have an amazing synergy wit the PINT. its not the most portable amp out there due to short battery life, but sound is awesome.
  6. chewy45
    How about the ALO Rx MKII.
  7. skit
    I think the meier audio stepdance sounds amazing with the hd25s but they sound good with most headphones.
    did anyone notice this thread is from 2008?
  9. skit
    Haha I didn't even think to check the date.

    It happens too everyone [​IMG]

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