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Best portable amp/dac for the money?

  1. ultramabi
    Hi guys I am wondering what the best portable amp/dac is for the money? I am leaning towards getting a dragonfly red for $200 but also thought about getting the schiit Fulla 2. I just want to know what portable amp and dac has the best bang for buck as of right now. Ty in advance.
  2. gibby
    Best? The iFi iDSD Micro is pretty killer. Did you mean best for under $200?
  3. ultramabi
    Yeah, or the cheapest amp that can drive massdrop hd 6xx aka sennheiser (hd650s). I have another question can the topping nx1s drive the 650s im guessing no, sorry for the noob question I’m completely noob to amps and need to know how to compare them spec wise. Should I get the ifi dsd nano? That’s 200 usd or maybe the topping nx4 if the nx1s cannot drive the 6xx?
  4. cossix
    I'd take the Fulla 2 over the Dragonfly any day. Other than those two or a used Chord Mojo, not sure what else competes
  5. nunovpc
    Right now i am between Topping NX4DSD vs Xduoo xd-05 vs Onkyo DAC-HA200 .
    Any thoughs on them guys?
  6. slugman
    Before I got my NX4DSD, i was considering that or the Xduoo XD-05 too.

    If portability is important to you (as in, walking around with the dac in your pocket), I reccomend the NX4DSD. Its a much smaller, compact size and I have no problem carrying it around the office. In fact, the battery life is great too. I can use it for an entire 8 hour work shift without having to charge.

    The XD-05 has more features however. It has a toslink / coax in, so you could pair it with a dap / or any other digital out device. It also has an awesome OLED sceen (no screen on NX4DSD), and you can roll your own op-amps.

    The xd-05 uses an ak4490 which are known for their velvet sound, whereas the nx4dsd has a ess9038 pro. These are known to be bright or technically revealing.

    Ultimately I am very happy with my NX4DSD, and I highly reccomend it. Almost everyone that i've read who's purchased the XD-05 is happy too, so you'll get a great product if you go that route.

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