Best pocket radio for urban area?
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Sep 20, 2004
I have become a little obsessed lately about finding a good radio for use in San Francisco. The hills and megapower transmitters make for a really tough environment. Right now, I mostly use a Xin-modified SRF-S84, which sounds FANTASTIC, but the AM is miserable, and the FM gets completely overloaded (I get some stations at maybe four different spots on the dial). I am mostly interested in the FM section, since a cheapie Sony ICF-S10Mk2 works pretty well for AM. However, good AM and FM in the same radio would be a big plus. From looking at older posts, it seems like the Sangean DT-200V was/is highly regarded for use in the city. Any other options? Reception, portability and sound quality are the most important features.

P. S. In case any of you are in Northern California, the reasons why I'm so excited about radio are:
KPIG 1510AM twangy country/rock
Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 anarchy
KYCY 1550AM play some Podcasts with interesting stuff
Western Addition Radio 93.7 anarchy
KPOO 89.5 great old soul some mornings
KUSF 90.3 college radio
KDFC 102.1 classical (SF Symphony broadcasts on Tuesdays)
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Sep 20, 2004
I like the sonics of my SRF-M97. Im not in an urban area though. Pretty robust headphone out, and good battery life too. Tuning is a little difficult though. Its kind of tough with digital tuning and no "SEEK" function.

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Aug 3, 2003
Both are flash players, FM only, and pricey but I am impressed with the FM sections (in order):

iRiver U10
Sony NW-E507

The iRiver seems to have better reception qualities, the Sony is easier to program and smaller. The iRiver can go louder while the Sony may sound slightly better.

In my view the Sony SRF M97 is a step down in FM reception quality -- sounds good though and has bass boost. It is less expensive. The AM section is OK. Local stations received fine but sensitivity isn't so great.

The Sangean DT-210v is worth a listen. Better reception with both FM and AM than the M97 but the sound isn't a clear -- the highs are a bit rolled off.


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