Best phones under $50 that fully cover the ear?
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Apr 28, 2004
I just got a new electric drum kit and all my other headphones are broken or suck.

I have the
sen px100 but the felt pad things around them fell off and I lost them
then I have the koss ksc75 or something like that. I hate those things because they are a pain in the ass to put on. I have the sure e2c but the sounds keeps coming in and out so they cant be used. I have these other big phones that I dont know what they are but I can only get sound in the left ear now.

I want ones that completly cover my ear. I was looking at the seen HD 201 for about $25. They have gotten great reviewsl What else should I be looking at. Also, I cant tell the difference between different sounds that well. I bought the px100s awhile ago because everyones said it was aswesome and it didnt sound much better. Same results with my sure e2cs.

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