Best overall for under $200????
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from my own research, i have found these cans as candidates:
over ears:
ATH-m50x/m50 (closed) - currently on sale for 129$ amazon, usually goes for 160$ i believe, link:
btw, that sale ends in 22 hours, so watch out if you have your mind decided about them. But they will surely be other sales as these are popular, and im sure black friday will have these on sale, maybe even for a better price im not sure. To see headphone sales, go to slickdeals website and type in headphones in search
sennheiser Momentum over ear (closed) - 183$, can get a store return for around 106$ on sonic electronix, link:
The problem these may have is that the earpads are not big enough for some people, making them sit on the ears and uncomfortable rather than around, so you should measure your ears and check this issue out
sony mdr-7506 (closed) - 80$ on amazon.
beyerdynamics  dt770 - 170-220$ depends what ohm you get, 32/80/250, might need amp, not sure about these. If you need an amp, then you might need to get the 32-80 version, but i have very limited knowledge about these so don't take my word for it
on ears:
vmoda m80 - 95$, can be had for 75& refurbished
beyerdynamics dt1350 - 180$, can be had for 140$ factory refurbished
sennheiser amperior - 270$, can buy for 90-100$ factory refurbished complete, since they are discontinued. Considered to be excellent headphones, but i found the treble to be too much for me, hurt my ears and i can not listen to these, but they sound great, and my brothers dont have this issue so if you are sensitive to treble, be warned. Excellent price for refurbished.
shortened list:
ATH-m50x/m50 (closed) 
sennheiser Momentum over ear (closed)
sony mdr-7506 (closed)
beyerdynamics  dt770 (closed)
sennheiser amperior (closed)
vmoda m80 (closed)
beyerdynamics dt1350 (closed)
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Thanks for the reply, this will be simply running straight through my S6 for convenience, as I dont have any kind of amp

When I'm at home it will be fairly loud and sometimes at school

If I got the amp part wrong ai apologize, as my knowledge is
very little when it comes to this topic :joy::joy:

Also prefer around ear

Thanks in advance
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Overall for the price, the Takstar Pro 80, (and its lower-priced clone Gemini HSR1000), are very good.  The pads are nice enough but probably too small if the person wants actual over-ear.  So then a pad change would be needed.  
The AKG K553 (and very similar 550/551) have style to spare and really feel like something in your hands.  The pads are big, though they're like squishy donuts, so they may not "cup" around the ear as well as expected if that's what someone is expecting.  Certainly above average pads overall though.  And they can be changed too.  Soundstage is big for a closed-back.  
They sound pretty balanced, which means "typical" users may think they're lacking somewhat in the lower area.  The sound could use a little cleaning up imo, the cups might have a little resonance going on that affects the clarity.  A little modding might fix that, but I haven't tried.  Overall, a very nice pair of headphones.  Price varies a lot. 
Both of those are full-size and have full-size weight.  If there's any plans to walk around with them on, I don't think that's something they would excel at.

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