Best options for DJing Trance/Electronic music in a club environment?
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Aug 13, 2007
Hi, I have been researching for headphones for DJing in a club environment for a little while and my most important attribute is a headphone with the best isolation. What are the best options for max isolation? From what I read on DJ forums the Sennheiser HD280 have some of the best isolation and is highly recommended. However I am looking for more options and just from a general glance it doesn't seem many here approve of the HD280's sound quality.
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If you're just using them for djing, sound quality won't make any difference, as any differences in sound quality will easily be drained out by the noisy club environment. DJ's really only care about: Isolation, bass slam (for beat tracking and matching), durability, looks (yes, they can be important, in some ways the headphone is the equivalent of a business person's suit, or at least shoes), comfort and form factor (how easy they are to take on and off or just use one cup).
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Sennheiser HD25. Good bass impact and they stay on your head really well, good amount of clamp. extremely durable, just not the most impressive looking pair of cans.
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HD25-1. The best a DJ can get. Or do it like Laidback Luke does and get some custom IEM's
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I know that paul van dyk uses sony v6/7506. Tiesto uses something from stenton. and i couldn't get too close to carl cox so i can't tell u what he uses =P
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sony mdr v700 dj
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RP-DH1200 are knowed to be heavy on head. Dont know if its an issue.

..... And Tiesto's using Stanton 2000 Pro.
I had these for a long time , listening only trance and used em a couple of time for DJing and even in loud environnement they isolate pretty well.Never had probleme this way.
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I would check out the Ultrasone Pro-DJ headphone. If it is similar to their proline, it would work well for monitoring with good comfort and single-side monitoring.

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