Best option to integrate JB3 and sub for computer audio--Nuforce Icon?
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Mar 7, 2010
The JB3's get muddy and horrible when you try to turn up the volume for any extended period. I found that using the equalizer in Itunes if I reduced 32Hz/-12db and 64Hz/-12db which is beyond the natural range of the driver (90Hz) it would allow me to run for an extended period at higher volumes with no noticeable difference in the bass since the port on the JB3's generates the bass response below 90Hz anyway.

Although I don't think the JB3's were really meant to be punished this way, for the occasional party in my small house a bit of extra bass would be nice, so I'm thinking I'll add a High Pass filter to my Virtue One amp and add in the Nuforce W-1 to give it a bit of extra oompf for those occasions when quantity is more important than quality, and the neighbours are forgiving.

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