Best open cans around 100$
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Jun 28, 2010
Hey everyone, back again for some advice. I already have a pair of sens hd-25ii which I really love especially when listening to them on my total bithead. I am now looking for something to compliment my hd-25ii. Since they are closed phones I would like to try a pair of open cans. I like bass but considering I'm looking for an open pair I dont expect too much, obviously isolation isn't important either.  What I would like is some serious clarity, and soundstage, would be using them for gaming mostly. I am open to harder to drive phones or easier ones as well, not too picky there. So what do you guys think? I was thinking along the lines of either ad700 or hd555 I should mention I have a small head
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Thanks guys, after seeing how some guys modded their ad700's for a mic definitely has me leaning ad700 right now, although I do like the sennheiser brand so still debating the hd555s
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I might be able to get a decent deal on some hd595's, anybody have experience with them for my particular needs?
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I might be able to get a decent deal on some hd595's, anybody have experience with them for my particular needs?

From what i've heard the 595's are slightly better than the 555's. 
Both have similar sound signatures. 
My suggestion: listen to both before, and get the one you like the most. 
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check out the alessandro ms1's

Don't get me wrong, the Alessandro MS1s are fantastic cans for the price for the correct usage, and that usage isn't gaming. I've gamed on both PC and console with them and they're uncomfortable, lack soundstage, and produce a very colored representation of sound (which is more annoying than you'd think while gaming). I want to stress that for listening to music from a portable or other low-powered source without an amp, I don't think there is anything that can top the MS1s for the price... but I wouldn't ever recommend them as gaming cans.
In the OP's situation, I would go to the HD-555s and not think twice. I LOVED gaming on my HD-590s, and they were replaced by the 555/595 product line so I have to assume the 555/595s are pretty similar although I hear the soundstaging is even better due to angled drivers.
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akg K240 studio. i use'em for music listening and gaming  on my rig and they do amazing in both.
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man I hate having to make a choice without being able to hear the two, I get such mixed reviews, some say the ad700 is way better, others say the hd595 takes the cake, then some say just get the hd555 and save money... so confused. I should mention they will be mostly for gaming, somewhat for music listening.

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