Best Neutral to Semi-Bright Headphones under $100
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Dutchi MerenGue

100+ Head-Fier
Mar 23, 2012
well long story short, due to my modest collection of headphones basically all being dark & bass heavy, i realized  i've pretty much isolated myself from an entire spectrum of sound on the other side of the fence and am now looking to rectify that
so far these are some of the headphones i've been considering
koss mv1
equation rp21
koss dj100
fostex t50rp
(maybe grado sr80 or alessandro ms1 but these i wont even consider until i personally audtion them)
also something to keep in mind, the closest to neutral headphones i own are the akg k601's which i love but are said to be among the warmest in their line so i would prefer to avoid any type of musical overlap from any recommendations, what i mean to say is, if some of these phones already sort of sound like the akg's then i would prefer to move on since i already have, love, and use the akg's there would be no point in another purchase lol

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