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Best neutral, closed, and not Made in China-Taiwan headphones ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sirusblack, Apr 8, 2013.
  1. sirusblack
    Hi everyone,
    Like the title says, I'm looking for neutral, closed and not Made in China (or Taiwan etc.) headphones. If possible that doesn't need amp, but not necesserily, I want to know both. And of course, less expensive it is, better it is.
    I'm posting in full-size section because if I understand well, the best neutral are full-size ones. But I'm not looking exclusively for them. The advantage of the full size is also the comfort.
    Actually, I'm looking for at least few month for headphones. I'm listening to this kind of music, it's corded music. It's sometimes very energic and/or polyphonic (see Mystical Hymns, Chapi, Hyms, Hal Parka...) so I need very precise sound, and that can support a lot of notes in a little time (to 12 notes in one second). But some music are very soft also (Grey CD). There is also sometimes a male voice, that would love to listen clearly.
    But I'm not buying at all non-ILO-standards products, for isntance, Made in China products. There is no topic excluding these stuff, it's why I'm opening a new one.
    I've beginning with Audio Technica. The ESW9 reproduces well the intimist ambiance of this music, but it lacks of transparancy. The ES88 has more precision, but lacks from fidelity. The ESW11 is better, but too expensive for what it is. I would have bought the m50, whose sound I very like, but all are made in Taiwan...
    My current choice is therefore the ESW9, if I don't find any better.
    I've seen that the Headstage Arrow 12HE is Made in Germany, so I could combine it with something.
    Grados (made in USA) are all open. Sennheiser high-quality Made in Germany headphones seem to be all open. I've seen the AKG Q701 (made in Austria), but it's open. And it doesn't seem that AKG makes closed made in Austria neutral headphones.
    What do you think about that :
    There is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 (Made in Germany), but it seems to have more bass... The AKG 272 HD who seems to be made in Austria too... But they have the advantages to not to need amps, is the sound of the others a lot better ? And beetween them ?
    The Sony MDR V600 is perhaps made in Japan.
    Yamaha seems to manufacture in Japan. What do they do as neutral ? Is the RH5MA good ?
    Finally, I'm wondering the best solution is to buy one Audio Technica full-size headphones.
    Don't hesitate to tell me any other suggestion...
    Thank you so much for the help !
  2. NA Blur
    The DT770 and Denon AH-D2000 would be a great choice.  I really like the AKG K550 as well.
  3. viralcow
    FYI the K272HD is no longer made in Austria.
  4. sirusblack
    Thank you.
    And I've just seen that the AKG 550 and the Denon D2000 are Made in China.
  5. viralcow
    If you're looking at a portable can like the ESW9 then the DT1350's might be better in terms of neutrality.
    If not, maybe the A1000X?
  6. sirusblack
    I forgot to say that I had tested the Beyerdynamic T50p but I didn't like the sound at all. The Audio Technica headphones that I hearded were a lot better, with no comparison possible (with the music I listen).
    Yes, I'm wondering dor the A1000X, even if this is expensive with the amp.
    The DT1350 has a better sound in terms of fidelity than the DT770 ?!
  7. viralcow
    The T50p's are not the same as the DT1350's. Supposedly the T50p's are a flop whereas the DT1350's are one of the best sounding portables out there.
  8. ThinkAwesome
    Sony MDR-7520 is Made in Thailand. You can find a lot of used MDR-V6 that are Thailand and Japan (though newer ones are China). 
  9. zazex
    The Sony MDR 7520's.
    Superb closed headphones, made in Thailand as noted above.
    Sony's current top of the line.  Go for it; you won't look back.
  10. Tsujigiri
    The bass heavy DT770's are the 80 Ohm ones. If you get the 600 Ohm version you might get what you're looking for. Alternatively, you could mod a pair of Fostex T50RP's to be neutral.
  11. Curly21029
    There surely isn't just one answer, but there is a best one: Beyerdynamic DT250. (250ohm version)
    My last post: January 7th.  After cycling through a few dozen headphones I've had no reason to further my research after finding this one.  It's like an HD600 with more intimacy.
  12. zazex
    I've wanted to try those, but many reviewers are put off by what they say is an uncomfortably large and heavy cable,
    especially where it connects to the headphones. 
  13. Curly21029
    I haven't read any reviews on it, but the (coiled) cable is certainly more hefty than average.  To call it "uncomfortably large" would be an exaggeration, however.  I use them exclusively for at-home listening and haven't experienced any notable discomfort.
  14. zazex
    Cool, thanks for the info.
  15. sirusblack
    Thank you for the answers !
    In Thailand (Sony MDR-7520), the ILO norms aren't guaranted at all to be respected, so for me it's like PRC. Fostex T50RP seems to be made in China.
    There is therefore in your propositions that could fit the Beyerdynamic DT250, the DT1350, a used MDR-V6 and a Audio Technica A1000X.
    A precision : when I write neutral, I mean natural. I want to hear as much as possible as if I was here to hear the musician play.
    The Beyer Dynamic ones really interest me (with what I read on the internet). I'm just afraid the sound would be precise but not natural and flat like the t50^p (for example, compared with the ESW9 who reflects well the intimistic athmosphere in whith those musics were recorded)... I should try them.
    What is the best between the two ?
    Is there a comparison possible with the Audio Technica A1000X or A900X ? Is the sound as good as the ATH-M50 (this is the best I heard for now I think) ?
    (Is the MDR-V6 worth to be bought used, seen that these headphones exist ? It doesn't seem so.)
    If I understand well, an amp is necessery for all of them...
    I'm open to all suggestions...

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