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Best Method to Burn-In (Break-In) IEMs?

  1. dv8tor
    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a SoundMagic PL30 and will purchase a Klipsch Image S4 soon to replace my busted Creative Ep630s.

    I was wondering what technique you guys use to burn-in your IEMs fresh out of the box. I know there are different ways of "burning in," but I would like some tried and tested suggestions as this is the first time I'll be conducting these with my cans.

    While I'm open to suggestions, I have actually tried the following methods:

    1. Continuously play the same looped audio file from the JLab Audio Site here: http://www.jlabaudio.com/burn.php

    2. Download all the files from the Burn-In Wave Website here: http://www.burninwave.com/

    My playlist is as follows:
    1. All noise tracks
    2. 30 Second Rest (Silence)
    3. All the Sweep Files
    4. 30 Second Rest (Silence)
    5. All independent low frequency waves
    6. 30 Second Rest (Silence)
    7. Sound Channels Mix
    8. Heavy Drum
    9. Various test sounds (Shower, car, church walking, and storm)
    10. 1 Hour Rest (Silence)
    -Repeat everything for approximately 6-7 hours (including the 1 hour rests)

    Please advise me whether these methods are appropriate for burning in and if my test times are proper. I wouldn't want to destroy my drivers, but would like to expedite the process of getting optimum sound from my cans.

    Thanks for any replies!
  2. calipilot227
    The PL30 is a dynamic driver IEM, so it might benefit from burn-in. Typically, balanced armature IEMs do not need burn in, nor does it improve the sound.
    As for the sound files, I'm not sure which will be the most effective. I usually burn in my headphones with music that I listen to (iTunes library on shuffle, for example).
    And as for possibly damaging your earphones, I don't think there's any risk unless you crank them up to earsplitting levels. Turn them up to your comfortable listening volume, and then just a little bit louder. If you hear popping or distortion, turn the volume down!
  3. High_Q
    Hammer(Torch) [​IMG]
    You did say break(burn)
    Maybe you need to break you ears in [​IMG]

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