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Best interconnect choices for around 40 Euros?

  1. gimmeheadroom

    I am in the market for some RCA->RCA interconnects (pairs). What are some good choices around 40 Euros?

    I do not believe cables have sound quality. But I do believe there is a difference in manufacturing quality and there is solidly made stuff and there is junk. For me there is a point of diminishing returns even if I could get something better, I don't want to spend more than +- 40 Euros...

    I also want a couple of pairs of 3.5mm stereo -> dual RCA cables.

    In my area Audioquest cables are available sometimes. I don't know if they're ok or not.

    Thank you.
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
  2. dwinnert
    I like the basic Audioquest Tower interconnects.
  3. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks! They look quite ok for the money, especially the Evergreens but without cutting one open it's hard to know exactly what's going on.
  4. Speedskater
    Look for RCA cables that use a coax with a heavy braided shield, made by a major bulk cable manufacture. Brands like Belden, Canare & Mogami.
    In the US the cable that is in the sweet spot of price and performance, is the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1.
  5. gimmeheadroom
    I think Belden is in Europe but I have not heard of the other names. I know what to look for but buying online is usually the only option and I think they make it deliberately hard in many cases to understand what they're trying to sell you.

  6. Speedskater
    I had to look it up. Both Canare and Mogami started in Japan.
    I don't know who the major bulk cable manufactures in Europe are.
  7. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks for your help. I'll figure something out :)
  8. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks guys. I bought the Audioquest Evergreens for 35 euros a set. They're in the mail.

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