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Jul 18, 2009
I'm looking for a new set of good headphones. I'm on a fairly tight budget (we're talking ebay) $150 is about my max. I've heard good things about the Grado SR 60 and SR 80, mostly that they have great detail and a low price. I've also heard good things about the AD700 and the Koss Portapro. I need it to be easily driven by an iPod. I don't need a whole lot of bass, but I don't want it to be too biased toward highs. Any help/ideas?
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Describing what kind of music you listen to would help people give you a good recommendation.

For $150 you can get some really nice headphones used. If you are willing to do a bit of research and wait for the right one to pop up, the for sale forums are a great way to go. Plus you won't lose as much cash to depreciation when you are ready to sell.
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Originally Posted by Graphicism /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Best Inexpensive Headphones... JVC HA-RX700 ~ oh yeah!


$34 shipped, sound damn good on my X-Fi Xtreme Music, sound great on my Auzen X-Fi Forte!

JVC HA-RX700 Stereo Headphone - HARX700 -

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Originally Posted by Sakhai /img/forum/go_quote.gif
SR60i + $15 for bowls. Minuscule difference btwn it and the higher models. I kid you not.

True statement.
And I've owned both the rs1i and rs1.
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You can get a big list of very good bang/buck models under 150$ but when it comes down to it you just gotta buy something.

I'd put my recommendation on either some AD700s or MS1s.
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Alessandro ms-1 $99 - old version, $109 - new version ... that includes shipping worldwide!

Alessandro rep told me they fall between the sr80 and sr125 in terms if SQ
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Grado SR60s or Alessandro MS1s + HD414 pads will come under your budget easily. Its a full on, fast aggressive sound, great for rock, pop, indie etc. The Alessandro is more versatile than the stock Grado sound (apparently). Crap sound stage.

AD700 very different, airy and subtle, a more laid back neutral sound. Excellent sound stage. I hear its somewhat under appreciated around here...

Neither headphone overs huge bass.

Any of the big 3 Koss products (KSC75, Portapro & KTX Pro 1) will probably offer the best bang for your buck, because they are super cheap.

If you love style there are always the AT ES7s... Bigger bass but your probably paying a premium for the swish looks...

Some people suggest if you like the KSC75 you will like Grado / Alessandro headphones. I personally don't think they share that much in common, IMHO.

Good luck!
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I say, go for the Koss PortaPros.
Great value for money sound wise, and you get lifetime warranty as an additional gift.
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Thanks for the advice. To answer a few questions: The music I listen to ranges from Bob Dylan to AC/DC. Beatles, U2, Chuck Berry. I guess Rock, but not alot of hard (bass heavy) rock.
I don't know if I want closed or open is there a significant difference? (in sound quality) It doesn't matter if people can hear my music.
Also, is there a big difference between supraural and circumaural in sound? I've heard supra has more detail but circum has a bigger soundstage and more bass. Is this in any way true?
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Originally Posted by myk7000 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
True statement.
And I've owned both the rs1i and rs1.

Really? I have not heard the 60i yet but there was a big step up from the SR-60 I have to the SR-80 and yet again to the SR-125.

I'm not saying you are wrong but that would be a little surprising to me.
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Apart form the ones listed you might want to look for the ATH M50 or Fostex T50RP.

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