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Best in-ear wireless Headphones

  1. rick81
    Hello everybody! I'm searching for the best in-ear wireless headphones on the market, the best sounding, it's not important if it has noice cancelling or not. Budget 200 dollars

    Thank you!
    Try Sony WM1000X (sorry this name may not correct typing).
    Sq is Okay for wireless in ear.
    Price as your target.

    Note : only bass is a deal breaker to me. I need a slight less bass (but almost other even more bass as like bose)
  3. rick81
    I read about it and it has a lot of problems, with disconnections and delays with videos, has it been solved?
    Yes. I forgot to tell. That is one more bad thing. You laydown with one ear touching your bed, connection lost.
    For less delay you must chose a bt headset for gammers.
  5. james wood
    Here is the answer: Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Headphone. According to your budget and best in the market.
  6. rick81
    share se215 bt1?
  7. Peddler
    I was very impressed with the 1More iBFree wireless headphones (although they do have a wire connecting the two headphones together).

    I've been getting some good results with the SoundPEATS Q32's. Bluetooth 5.0, great battery life and a decent sound quality.

    I really rate the Apple Airpods very highly. Although they're expensive I think they're worth it from both a sound quality and convenience point if view.

    If you're not too bothered about cables you could also try the rather excellent Aqua bluetooth headphone amplifier with a good quality pair of wired headphones - you get the convenience of bluetooth with the better sound quality of better in ear monitors.

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