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Best IN-ear headphones for bass

  1. meagainstyou
    Hey so I owned beats by dre tour and really enjoyed the bass in them but unfortunetly they broke. I've been on monster turbine copper pro ever since with an e5 amplifier and I just put some ****ty philips(she3575) in my ear and they have waaaay better bass. I was looking for a really good in ear similiar to the dre tours but better if possible for hopefully under 100. I listen to mostly rap/hip-hop/r&b, but Ill throw in some techno/house once in a while. Thanks in advance.
  2. JK1
    The JVC HAFX1X ($25-30) is very poular here. I am not impressed by it though. The bass sounds unnatural, and it is so large. I like the Panasonic RP-HJE450($23). The HJE450 has strong bass, however its bass sounds natural. The Soundmagic E10($35)
    is very popular here. So are the Audio Technica ATH-CKM50 and ATH-CKM77, and meelectronics M21($25).
  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Heck, the Philips SHE line of phones are not to be underestimated either. The $10 SHE3580 has even stronger and deeper bass and is getting rave reviews, and those who got its relatives like the 3570, 3575 and SHH3580 also give generally favorable impressions. By all means look for an upgrade but don't be surprised if you get a nasty surprise about how well your $15 Philips beaters compare to your next $100+ high end set. :D
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I think you should check out Hippo VB, they have bass regarded just below / on par with Monster Turbines, you can pick them up for around the price you're asking, they will certainly offer an upgrade of bass compared to tours. I owned a pair of tours, selling them to keep my sanity. VB's go much deeper in sub bass regions. They sound much clearer on mids and highs too.

    Here's a review on them....


  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    If I read the OP right I think he said he thinks the SHE3575 has way better bass than the Monster Turbines... :p
  6. ProjectDenz
    I'm gonna recommend the Atrio MG7 if you can stretch your budget a little. No other headphones or iem I have ever owned catered to the genres that you listen to better that the MG7. I don't believe this $10 headphones beating $100+ headphones banter, it's the usual FOTM stuff that is know to float around here. Unless you are comparing the $10 headphones to a $100+ dud like the Atrio MG5 (yea the older version sucked to me) or the Sennheiser CX-300ii.
  7. Azathoth
    I'll second the recommendation for the Hippo VB at the under $100 mark. Impressive sub-bass performance, gobs of quantity on the full bass plate.
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor


    Not saying the SHE3580 will necessarily beat a $100+ earphone overall, but they are measurably about as good as it gets for bass quantity and depth.  Here, take a look at the measurement by goldenears.net:
    For $10, bass that not only doesn't fade down low, but keeps going up and UP right down to 20Hz--where can I get some of this stuff Philips is smoking?  [​IMG]
  9. meagainstyou
    First off thanks for all the replies, and after rechecking it turns out I do have the 3580s rather than the 3575. They are great headphones for the price and have outlasted 2 pairs of tours, but my only concern is the noise cancellation which I would rate a 7/10 when compared to beat tours 10/10 and turbine pro 9/10, and when turned up it projects the sound so other people can hear what you're listening to. I liked the tours because they had amazing noise cancellation, no projection, amazing bass but overall the sound was worse than the 3580. Was looking for a 3580 with a bit of a stronger bass if there is anything out there. Also I tried putting the foam and gell tips from my turbine on my 3580 and they decreased the bass. Anyone know why? Thanks again
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Hmm... if you want even stronger bass than the SHE3580 perhaps you really should try the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives.  They sure sound earthshaking enough.  The name that is [​IMG] Or you could just try turning on MEGA BASS on your player? [​IMG]
  11. meagainstyou
    wait what.... I wasn't aware of this option. What players have this? like my ipod?
  12. ZMeshign
    What about Monster Turbine Pro Golds?
  13. meagainstyou
    I think I'm gonna stay away from monster for a bit. Yeah the sound quality is amazing and all but the whole "for audiphiles and audio proffesionals" motto should be taken seriously. They're really heavy, earbuds have to fit perfectly otherwise you dont get anywhere close to the best of them, and they can't be used for rec such as going for a jog or at the gym. I think ill give the jvc ones a try since I've been hearing a lot of good things, and if those dont satisfy me Ill prolly get a pair of she3580 as my current one is starting to fade, and/or try out klipsch
  14. LizardKing1
    I'm one of those persons who has tried like a few IEMs and only one fits your description, and yet recommends it like it's the best choice: NuForce NE-700x. Really deep bass, like I didn't expect an IEM to produce. Impact was really good. Mids were good if a bit recessed. Highs are good, but they are toned down, it's more a question of volume than extension, but it's not really at fault. Really good detail for the price, it's not a RE-0, but for something this bassy to not sound muddy it's surprising. All in all, a bass-centric IEM that gets everything else decently done. Very comfortable, included tips were enough to get a good fit. There's also a version with a mic, the NE-700m.
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor


    Look at the EQ options, like the "rock", "jazz" etc presets.  There should be one called "bass boost" or something like that.  Some ipods allow you to make a custom EQ where you can boost the bass as much as you want.  In that case be careful to turn down the preamp slider to compensate otherwise you'll get ugly clipping sounds.

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