Best 'Impact' headphone.
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Mar 1, 2008
Hi again. What is the world's best impact headphone? No price limit. Big question this one. Listening to guitarpop/rock/powerpop etc. NO metal. Must have as good detail as possible for a impact phone.
Thanks everyone.
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I think you are looking for the sony Qualia 010. Its rare, and pricey, but has the exact sound you would like. Also consider the little brother the SA5000, or the ultrasone pro 2500.
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Wouldn't buy the SA5000 without testing - the sound sig is not everybody's cup of tea. If you head for good impact, some better Alessandro or Grado creature will do you justice IMO.
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Originally Posted by xenithon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Grado RS-1 (from what I have heard)

Perhaps if i noticed that you have a pair of SR-007 I would have asked you you opinion. I used to own the Grados RS-1 and got rid of them for several reasons.

So, what do you think regarding your Stax's?
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I would certainly not consider them as the best "impact" really....if you are talking about stats now then for sheer impact, I was more impressed with the HE60. The SR-007 I found had more controlled, tauter bass, with more depth, but with less impact. The SR-007 has that astonishing level of detail, often deceivingly so, which is why I prefer it to many/most other headphones.
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What do we mean when we say "impact" in reference to phones? Forward mids? Bass definition and slam? I don't understand. I would guess it would be that forward, in-your-face presence. You know, sort of the opposite of the laid-back Senn presentation. But I'm not sure.

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Nobody has mentioned the Edition 9 yet? These have some of the best impact/slam I've heard -- especially from a capable amp.
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The ad2ks that I got arent bad at impact while retaining detail

I agree, best bass I've crossed so far. But similar to the SA5K, the remaining frequencies do not put it exactly into the "everybody's darling" corner.
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Ive noticed people that love horn speakers and fostex/lowther type single driver speakers don't mind the ad2k coloration. I'm more sensitive to the beyer boom and sibilance because I've also noticed that I don't like the high end B&Ws which I feel are the speaker that sounds closest to the beyer 990s for example

Hmm maybe we should ask the OP which speaker preference he has to get an idea of what sound he likes.
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Funnily enough, I have found the AD2K to have one of the most neutral midranges. I cannot quite ascertain the coloration some people refer to...maybe it is just my ears

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