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Best IEM's with iPhone controls/Mic

  1. Ruds
    Hey everyone,
    I currently have Etymotic Hf3's, I quite like these although I find them a bit flat and lifeless for the music I listen to whilst training. I really want a built in remote because I use these whilst training and my iPhone is out of reach in a back pocket, also being able to answer the phone is a must have convenience.
    In the past I had UE HF5's, from memory these where more to my liking but the cable was really irritating where it hooked over the ear and was also quite a stiff cable.
    What could you recommend I look at? Price isn't a concern at this point, I'd just like to see what's out there!
    Thank you,
  2. tme110
    There's a new ie8 with mic and controls.
  3. Eric_C
    Sennheiser IE8i has a mic, though it's not all that new.
    Similarly, Klipsch Image S4i is the mic'd version of their S4 earphone.
    But ignore all that: the Spider Realvoice is almost certainly your absolute best bet. Look at the rave reviews it's garnered (and who from!):
  4. ronrad
    I have UM Miracles with the beat audio iPhone cable. I also own hf3s. The ums are way better sound wise and I have used them a couple of times for cycling and other workouts. If you get seriously sweaty the hf3s are definitely a better bet for comfort although the ums work reasonably well. For weights etc the UMs work extremely well

    However you could get that beat audio cable made with multiple types of connectors so should work with just about any iem with a detachable cable

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