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Best IEMs under $200 CAD

  1. BboyDfresh
    SO I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's after my Shure SE215's died on me after 2 years. I've been searching the forum, and most of the products recommended have either been discontinued or way too expensive up north. I would like to keep it under 200 but have some leeway if it is really worth it. I live in Canada so prices and stock are a little bit more limited. I prefer retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, any music store etc. I'm looking for something with a nice balanced sound.
    I've looking at TF-10's but they are 300, GR07's are not available.
  2. ivanlau1999
    I would rather wait for the new momentum in ear earphone first, but it haven't release yet so you will have to wait.
  3. BboyDfresh
    what do you mean? Are there new releases of headphones coming soon?
  4. ivanlau1999

    Yes. Coming in October.

  5. bms44974

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