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Best IEMs under $150?

  1. thefinalorange
    looking for durability and sound...my earphones right now break within 2 months from the cable.
  2. bik2101
    try to grab a pair of tf.10's. they come up regularly here for under 150. plus a broken cable is easily replaceable with these, however it is a pretty thick and durable cable to begin with
  3. sari0n
    Yup, TF10's are a good choice.  The new Brainwavz B2's, Fischer Audio DBA02's, and Vsonic GR07's are solid choices as well.
  4. yello131


    Yes DBA02, GR07, Radius DDM is another killer
    But all of this cost slightly above $150 but they are all worth it
  5. AlvinDj
    Otherwise the HJE900 would be great as well :)

  6. mvw2
    Question #1:  What kind of sound signature are you looking for?
    That will determine what you should be looking at.
  7. DaBomb77766
    The GR07 is exactly $150, actually.  I can personally vouch for their utter awesomeness.  Not sure how long they'll last though, but they feel pretty solid.
  8. snbbqsb
    Yes DBA02, GR07, Radius DDM is another killer

    But all of this cost slightly above $150 but they are all worth it
  9. thefinalorange
    well i mainly listen to alt rock, pop punk, some hip hop, i really listen to a variety of music..also screamo at times
    someone recommended shure to me before, but i heard those wouldn't be the best for bass and stuff
  10. Yggdrassilious
    Shure SE215s are pretty good for $100. Sweeter if you could get them for like $80-90 ish
  11. mrsal
    if you go for the shures, you can try coupon code shure35 at earphonesolutions.com, i used it and got 15% off of my 425's
  12. dweaver
    x3 on the Shures, otherwise if you can afford the GR07 go for them.
  13. thefinalorange
    thanks for all the responses :)
    looking at all the suggestions, i've narrowed it down to dba02, gr07, or the brainwavz b2
    i'm new to the site and analyzing the sound in these, so i'm pretty sure i'll be fine with the sound quality whichever i end up with
    the build in these vary, though, so do you guys have any thoughts on which would be most durable? or would something with a detachable cord be better if i was worried about durability?
    thanks in advance
  14. DaBomb77766


    I think the B2 uses the exact same casing as the DBA02, so they'd be about the same.  I have the GR07 and it has excellent build quality.  They should stand up to a lot of abuse.
  15. jackmccabe
    I would definetly go for the gr07, I could not live with the dba-02 build quality.
    I just could not believe how poorly built they were for $160, the stock headphones with most mp3 players have better build.

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